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Press Release   •   Oct 08, 2010 10:00 EDT

Oct 2010 Ever since 1967, your search for earth-friendly, economical plastic and paper bags has been made easy with Adart Poly Bag. Known for its highest quality of plastic and paper bags, this company serves its customers with just one motive—to provide world-class service by providing highest quality products.

The success of the firm depends on the way it takes each order that you place. It stays with you all throughout from when you place an order till when you receive it, answering all questions that one has, and advising you on how to proceed. All in all, it addresses all your ready-made immediate package needs.

The company brings to you a wide variety of over 6000 custom products that include ready-to-ship items. What makes these products special? All the products that Adart Poly Bag manufactures come out of purely eco-friendly materials. Based on what you are looking for, you can receive a wide variety of eco-friendly bags that come in many options such as poly shopping bags, custom print bags, colored zip lock bags, crystal clear plastic bags, custom reusable bags, biodegradable bags, and custom paper bags among others.

All you need to do is visit the company’s website to check the complete range of plastic and paper bags, choose the bag (s) that fits your needs, and places an order right away. The company has five warehouses located in the United States, so getting the order on time is not difficult. Furthermore, in case you don’t see your search-related item on the website, you can still call the company’s customer care to locate the item in all the warehouses at the earliest. Can a customer ask for more privilege?

A big achievement of this company relies on the introduction of PLA-based bags, which are manufactured entirely from organic ingredients and are completely devoid of polyethylene. These bags meet all 6000 standards laid down by ASTM (American Society for Testing Material).

Thanks to the company to initiate the “Green Packaging” drive and is a world leader with its wide range of eco-friendly paper and plastic bags. The company can also manufacture many types of customized plastic, vinyl and paper bags and can print up to eight colors, which include process print. Thus, if you have any packaging-related need at your home or office, and if you want to go an eco-friendly way about your packaging, Adart Poly Bag is your search result.

Contact Adart Poly Bag today to ensure your need is in safe hands. Your order is delivered with utmost precision and delivered on time, and you get competitive rates for your order.

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Ever since its inception in the year 1967, Adart Poly Bag is serving all major industries by providing customers with high-quality paper and plastic bags.
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