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Advanced Directives Feature In ZweenaHealth's System Allows For Sharing of Living Will And Power Of Attourney

Press Release   •   Aug 21, 2012 20:24 EDT

Skillman, NJ

Now users of Zweena’s leading online PHR platform including elders, disabled individuals, concerned parents, chronic illness patients and others with living wills and medical power of attorney can use the newly launched 'Advanced Directives' tab on the platform to share their will and wishes to selected parties in total privacy and security. is a provider of online PHR (Personal Health Record) and health information management and health information technology (Health IT) services. Zweena collects patient medical records directly from doctors’ offices, organizes and digitizes them to create an electronic health record that provides updated health information and is accessible online. Zweena also collaborates with Microsoft HealthVault by updating patients' personal HealthVault accounts.

Zweena is poised to continue providing its customers with a consummate PR service that has evolved beyond simply providing users with a convenient way to maintain their personal health records online to providing a system of related value-added services which allow the user to access a holistic range of health data management offerings. One such value-added addition is the 'Advanced Directives' feature available on the ZweenaHealth platform which provides users with living wills and power of attorney to easily, securely and conveniently share their will and wishes with appointed parties online.

"With the new advanced directives feature on the Zweena platform, elder users, disabled individuals, chronic illness patients and concerned parents with medical power of attorney or living wills are able to share their will and wishes with appointed parties online in a secure and easy way," says CEO John Phelan.

Zweena's online PHR service provides patients and providers with a secure, private and easy-to-access platform that offers a truly comprehensive and accurate online personal health record. By minimizing stress and error and presenting useful health information in a clear and actionable way, Zweena allows patients to really be in control of their health information, and makes it possible for providers to access updated and accurate information that saves time, cost and human life.

To learn more or get started, please visit, send an email to or call the Zweena help line on 877-848-4248 for more information.

About empowers patients, their families and healthcare providers to get the best care and make the best health decisions proactively. Zweena achieves this by collecting patient medical records, assembling and storing them with Microsoft HealthVault, and delivering an online personal health record that is safe, private, and easy to access and share at any time, and from any place. Zweena provides you with an easy and structured way to access and store your personal health record, helping you to make sense of it all and always keeping your vital health information within reach during those critical moments in life.