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Press Release   •   Oct 04, 2010 14:23 EDT

Adventurer, Aaron Carotta will attempt to be the second recorded person in history to go around the world without a bag.  Rolf Potts, famous author of Vagabonding just completed his 'No Baggage Challenge' ( "I sat down with Rolf, while filming my travel show series", says Carotta.  "He is the legend behind backpacking and if he can go around without a bag, I had to see if I could do it as well".

Aaron was recently diagnosed with cancer and decided to live out a travel bucket list.  Currently airing on the Halogen Network, 'Alive! With Adventure Aaron', focuses on living life to the fullest and incorporating a culture called, Travel Hacking.  "With all of the bag fees these days, its time to put things in perspective.  Travel hacking is about saving money, time, and is considered the streets smarts of travel.  Going around the world and realizing what you need in life and dont, is a great way to incorporate travel hacking."  Carotta continues to say, "Everyone should have a travel bucketlist.  Although most think it cant be done in this day an age of higher travel cost, I would disagree.  In fact, I plan to cross off a dozen of those items on my bucket list while I go through 8 countries in 50 days, without a bag"-Carotta Says

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