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All In One Health Publishes A Breakthrough Research On Weight Loss

Press Release   •   Nov 07, 2011 01:49 EST

Scottsdale, USA : All In One Health has published information on the website about the breakthrough work and findings of Dr Suzanne Gudakunst, the renowned TV doctor. After a lot of research and hard work, the doctor has finally discovered the true cause of fat gain and the only way in which obesity can be finally defeated once and for all. Her findings are available for readers on the website.
Obesity has over the years become a major cause of concern worldwide. Already millions of people in the US and elsewhere in the world are obese and the situation seems to be worsening. Being obese might be dangerous because extra fat in the body is known to cause several medical conditions including heart ailments. This is why doctors and medical researchers have been trying to know more about it, and find ways to help people shed the extra pounds and stay fit. However the results have been mostly mixed. Most people find it very difficult to lose the excess weight and even if they can, a majority of them gain it right back. This is obviously a problem.
This is where the report published in All In One Health becomes so important. This is top secret fat loss secret for all those people who are trying to shed their extra pounds and lead a healthier life. According to the findings of Dr Suzanne Gudakunst, weight loss cannot be achieved through a change in the diet or even through a workout regime. She says that a person gains weight because of toxic buildup within the body and so, to shed the extra pounds, this toxicity has to be reduced. This is a complete new approach to what most people say.
She is also of the opinion that some doctors are already aware of this. But most of them are unwilling to disclose the truth. She is however not keen to keep away the secrets, and discloses everything at All In One Health.
Actually with all of us consuming so much of junk food these days, it is not surprising that we are accumulating toxins within the body. And over time, the toxic build-up eventually forms a plaque, which forms a coating within the interior walls and the colon’s lining. This layer becomes thick and as a result the body with time becomes fat. The accumulation of fat according to her is actually a defense mechanism to protect the body from the poisons.
So to maintain health and beauty, she says that it is important to change the diet and eliminate all the toxins from the eating regime. But that might not be enough. The body also must be detoxified so that the currently accumulated toxic elements can be removed. When this is achieved, the person will begin to shed the excess pounds naturally and permanently.
About All In One Health: This website has published the findings of Dr Suzanne Gudakunst where she claims that neither diet nor exercise can achieve weight loss. The website also reports the true cause of weight gain and the only way to effectively lose weight. For more information about All In One Health, please visit the given link.
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