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Articles on Tap Expands Bulk Pricing and Custom Tailored SEO Services

Press Release   •   Sep 04, 2010 06:39 EDT

Portland, OR - August 30, 2010 - These days, the search engines are getting harder and harder for any website to rank well in, especially those of a commercial nature. Part of the problem is that many sites are lacking in unique content. The other part of the problem is that true SEO service takes time and blasting links across the web simply will not work any longer.

Hand created content and hand built links are what Mike & Troy's Articles on Tap ( specializes in bringing to today's webmasters - especially those interested in getting their sites higher levels of traffic and, as a result, a greater volume of sales. The site has been providing content for webmasters for several years now, but new expanded bulk pricing and article submission services are helping them service larger clients than ever before.

With Articles on Tap's latest bulk pricing options, those who run multiple sites on the web are able to get serious discounts and still have their orders handled in a timely manner. What this means is that once internet marketers hit higher numbers of sites, their time becomes incredibly valuable.

Since they don't have time to create content themselves or place order after order, Articles on Tap developed a bulk purchase option that allows them to practice the same style of 'set it and forget it' that top internet marketers enjoy. The expanded services allow blog commenting, blog posting, article submission and a host of other services to be trickled out over time so that search engines like Google feel confident the sites are legitimate and not merely cheap, outsourced internet marketing spam. Being able to avoid that label in the eyes of Google is crucial for those who are serious about the success of their online ventures.

Expanded SEO services custom tailored for a webmaster to do the bulk of the heavy lifting at a phenomenal price. By having experts handle the natural link building and offering a totally customized package for each client, Articles On Tap's expanded custom tailored SEO services and expert SEO analysis help sites rank for profitability in ways that ensure that rank is held over the long run, not simply for a matter of weeks. This intelligent approach has been helping key internet marketers achieve amazing results.

Those interested in learning more should visit for a full explanation of all services offered, pricing information and free advice on SEO and other topics.

Troy Broussard