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Press Release   •   Aug 11, 2015 05:51 EDT

I larboard my computer behind,WOW Gold with NO admission to my WoW annual or even the account. What I did not apperceive was that my brother somehow had my countersign all along... so whenever I was abroad for weeks, (Or this attenuate time, 4 months) he was able to play on my chars and play afterwards abundant brake sadly.

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Me alive a lot of canicule I didn't apprehension any such things, until I -noticed- the like 4 admonishing letters on my account, if I absitively to borrow a friend's laptop and analysis my email. I alleged up my ancestors immediatly, 4 warnings are no antic and I've played WoW for 10 years aback then, now about 11 years. I alleged up our mother who told me my brother was absolutely arena on my account, on my chair, on my PC, on wow... that's if I knew he had my countersign somehow.

A anniversary afterwards I came aback and accurately talked him (Not smacked him just talked lol), back the alarm he wasn't on the PC at all. From again he admited he admired wow and he blanket my countersign a year and a bisected ago, now 2 years ago to sometimes play on my chars, and me alive a lot of canicule I almost bethink area I'd leave my chars off so It didn't cantankerous my mind, right? Make sense.

Now It's the alpha of April, two weeks afterwards I get an email about ACCOUNT CLOSURE, reason? Harassment... he was afflictive a babe that "Dumped" him months and months ago, he was technically "Stalking" her Ingame, that's why he capital to play so much... able-bodied he learnt his **** assignment now... he's 16 I admonish you, adolescent and idiotic, he admired this "Girl" or even Catfish, I didn't accept the affection to accord him that possibility.

So afterwards the ban came In, I acutely fabricated an appeal, It got the accepted acknowledgment "We checked, you're banned, bye" additional ban appeal... was abundant quicker, aural 2 annual the aforementioned automatic acknowledgment "You're banned, bye" and that's if I begin Blizz casework barbaric, that additional GM almost advised annihilation aural 2 minutes...

I plan in a hotel, I amount my customer, your auberge IS the customer, afterwards them - no hotel.

So I kept authoritative admission afterwards ticket, answer my bearings in a calm, rational and analytic fashion, answer my situation. At aboriginal I approved to say "I did It, Im sorry.. will not appear again" acutely I capital to not put the accusation on my boyhood brother... cause.. family. He accepted It all afterwards the annual got banned. He even wrote an atoning letter to the abused babe and she forgave him for It all.

Well 4 months later... I don't blood-soaked care, It's his fault, he blanket my annual in some abstruse term, he abused my account, I gave him NO PRIOR INFORMATION ABOUT MY ACCOUNT... he somehow saw me blazon down the countersign actual continued ago and kept It for himself.

Watched me how i logged in and played so he could archetype me later. If I was abroad for plan for those 4 months, I COULD NOT PREVENT HIM FROM DOING ANYTHING... he was the purpotraitor of all this, he did It... and Blizzard, still will not unban me.

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