AvidBiometrics.com now Expands Product Line with New Biometric Safes

Press release   •   Jun 05, 2011 08:12 EDT

June 6, 2011 – Avid Biometrics – a leading provider of biometric security products today announced that is has added several new biometric safes to it’s catalog. The new addition of biometric safes include popular models from AMSEC, Barska, and Protex.

“Sales of biometric safes have grown significantly over the past few years as consumers are becoming more adaptive of this amazing technology”, said John Stetson, Marketing Manager for the company’s website – AvidBiometrics.com. “Even within our small business, we receive a lot of referrals from past customers who have shown off their biometric security products to their friends and family who then come to purchase these units themselves.”

Biometric safes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and make a great security choice for any consumer or business owner who wants to secure small valuables and have fast and easy access to them. Most biometric safes provide access to the safe’s contents by reading a fingerprint scan and authenticating the user – generally under 1 second.

The most popular models available at AvidBiometrics.com are small and lightweight biometric handgun safes. Although these models are lightweight and may not offer the superior protection of other biometric models from a manufacturer like AMSEC, these safes serve their purpose in securing a handgun, a few rounds of ammunition, and do their job in keeping the firearm out of children’s reach.

Other biometric safe models offer the security of a traditional security safe via solid construction, dual locking mechanisms, pry resistant doors, and weights from 150-700 lbs.

To view the entire collection of biometric safes, visit http://www.avidbiometrics.com

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Based in Scottsdale, Arizona – Avid Biometrics is a leading provider of biometric security products. The company stocks a variety of authentication, security, and biometric products designed for consumers and small business owners. Visit http://www.avidbiometrics.com to learn more and view the entire collection of biometric security safes.

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