Avinode Releases New Custom Pricing Engine

Press Release   •   Oct 11, 2012 04:08 EDT

Goteborg, Sweden – October 10, 2012 – The team behind Avinode is once again driving innovation with the introduction of their completely new aircraft pricing and performance engines in the Avinode Marketplace. With 200,000 requests a month flowing through Avinode, delivering accurate pricing is essential for the ongoing success of the online charter marketplace. 

The next generation of Avinode performance engine lets operators run multiple pricing profiles for a single aircraft using fully customizable pricing variables. “We now allow operators to completely tailor Avinode to deliver the pricing that they need.” says Dr. Oliver King, Managing Director, Avinode

“No matter what fleet management software you run, our new performance profile makes it easy to get an accurate performance calculation in Avinode,” says Per Marthinsson, Avinode Co-founder and Managing Director of Marketplace Americas. “When paired with customized operator pricing profiles, Avinode will be able to improve on the speed and accuracy of pricing available to professional buyers.”

The Avinode search engine has always calculated aircraft price and performance based on aircraft rate charts and sample itineraries submitted by operators. With these new profiles, operators will have more control over all of the parameters included in their price and performance calculations, so they can ensure a more consistently accurate result across a variety of itineraries. 

The new aircraft performance profiles debuted in the Avinode Marketplace in September, and the new pricing profiles follow at the end of the year.





About Avinode 
The Avinode Marketplace is the world's leading tool for buying and selling air charter online. Over 6,000 aviation professionals use Avinode daily to buy and sell charter flights worldwide. More than, 3000 aircraft currently listed in the marketplace, which features online quoting, availability reports, integrated scheduling, empty leg reports, and safety data.

Corporate headquarters is in Gothenburg, Sweden with two sales offices in the Americas, Avinode Inc., in Miami, Florida, USA and Avinode Latin America in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. For more information, visit www.avinode.com