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Press Release   •   Feb 20, 2017 22:14 EST

It has been a long time that swtor credits hacking, win-trading and griefing are the top 3 titles in Swtor Seasons. Bioware has announced that these titles will be granted in Swtor 5.1. Besides, they have also confirmed that unassembled pieces in 5.1 will drop from every boss with different odds. Certainly the final boss will have a 100% chance to drop.

Top 3 titles in Season 7 will be delayed until Swtor 5.1

In each season, win-trading is an unchangeable topic in Swtor. This time, Bioware are taking the time to check the entire top 96 to find out those who are win-trading or hacking. Once found, the players will be removed from their groups. The official team plans to have the titles granted and the leaderboard updated by 5.1, or sooner.

Unassembled pieces will have a chance to drop from every boss in Swtor 5.1

As Bioware states, the last boss of each Operation is guaranteed to drop unassembled pieces of a specific slot, and Each other boss in an Operation has an increasing chance to drop any unassembled piece, not a specific slot. So far, they still don’t work out how many pieces drop from each boss. But here is an example in Karagga's Palace, but not a finalized work.

1st boss (Bonethrasher) - 20% chance to drop any unassembled piece.

2nd boss (Jarg and Sorno) - 25% chance to drop any unassembled piece.

3rd boss (Foreman Crusher) - 30% chance to drop any unassembled piece.

4th boss (Fabricator) - 35% chance to drop any unassembled piece.

Final boss (Jarg and Sorno) - 100% chance to drop unassembled head piece.

In a word, unassembled pieces will be able to drop from every boss. But the more bosses you defeat in Ops, the bigger chance you will have to get the unassembled pieces. With no doubt, Swtor 5.1 will have a bunch of surprises for players. Stock up swtor credits cheap to prepare for it!

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