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Bankruptcy Lawyer In Salinas CA Is Ready To Fight For You

Press release   •   May 05, 2012 00:24 EDT

If you want to get out of your insurmountable debt and give yourself a fresh, clean start, contact Mr. Stephen H. Kim today at his website, Mr. Kim is an experienced bankruptcy attorney, serving the Salinas California area. With a variety of advantages in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, when you contact him today, you will be able to discern which chapter bankruptcy is best for you and your specific financial situation.

Among Salinas's bankruptcy attorneys, Mr. Kim is one of the best, as he will provide you the protection you need against your creditors collection actions, in the form of what is referred to as an automatic stay. An automatic stay begins the moment that you file your bankruptcy case, and will put a stop to all of your harassing creditor phone calls and letters. This is an excellent opportunity for many people, because it can be extremely stressful and cause extensive anxiety, just because the phone rings, worrying that it is another creditor calling to harass you.

However, with a professional Bankruptcy Lawyer in Salinas CA, you will be able to get the protection that you need from even the most aggressive creditors. An automatic stay will occur regardless of what chapter bankruptcy your filing, providing the protection and security that you so desperately need in such a financially stressful situation. When you decide to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there are many misconceptions associated with it, also you should contact an experienced attorney to help you, and inform you of what is true.

When you consider a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is the easiest and fastest form of bankruptcy available. Simply stated, any property that you own that is above and beyond what you are allowed to keep under your exemptions will be sold, and then those proceeds distributed among your creditors. Although this sounds scary, it is not, because only an experienced Salinas Bankruptcy Attorney will be able to explain your specific exemptions to you, providing the protection that you need to truly get a fresh start.

In most cases, there is not a whole lot of property above and beyond what you are lucky, which is then often referred to as a "no asset" case. These are extremely common, and all of your unpaid debts with very limited exceptions will be either discharge completely, or forgiven. Although there are differences in every type of situation, and every type of bankruptcy, if you contact Mr. Kim today, you will be able to help you decide which chapter of bankruptcy is best for you and your specific financial needs.

Mr. Kim is always available to help answer any questions that you have in filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, with skilled representation you want and need. It is extremely important that you do not attempt to handle a bankruptcy on your own, because of the extensive laws associated with bankruptcy proceedings. When you are ready to take your life back, visit Mr. Stephen H. Kim either on his website at, or by telephone at 831-221-5022. You can also visit him in person at his office, located at 376A Main St., in Salinas.


Contact an experienced and knowledgeable Salinas Bankruptcy Attorney to help you understand the bankruptcy laws in California, and to help you get out from underneath your insurmountable debt. Discover the best Bankruptcy Lawyer in Salinas CA available today, by visiting this website.