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Press Release   •   Oct 23, 2010 07:42 EDT

Las Vegas, Nevada, 10/23/2010: Daily Variance Publishing offers expert advice and tips to players who are aspiring to be professional poker players and also to professionals who need to improve their games. Daily Variance Publishing provides the best poker books available on No-Limit Holdem and Pot-Limit Omaha. The books are easy to understand and teach the reader to analyze every variable and improve their overall thought process. Cole “CTS” South and Tri “SlowHabit” Nguyen are renowned poker players who offer their expertise to help players to cultivate creative game-play and to understand complex poker concepts.

Online poker is becoming increasingly popular. The online game lets the players engage in a good game of poker from their homes. However, it is difficult to find success when you are surrounded by an ever-growing number of skilled players. The poker eBooks from Daily Variance Publishing offer practical strategies and key concepts that will help the reader become a winner in the complex world of online poker. They give readers an edge over other players and keeps them ahead of the competition.

Advanced PLO Play is the finest guide currently available to learn about Pot-Limit Omaha Poker. With the book the reader can be a dominating force in small- and mid-stakes games. It is ideal for having an upper hand against players from 100plo to 600plo. It helps to identify the common weaknesses and mistakes made by players. It also teaches advanced tactics which are useful for both amateur and experienced players.

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