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Beloved magazine for iPad is "none of your business"

Press Release   •   Aug 28, 2012 09:21 EDT

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, August 28, 2012 – Launched last year for the iPad, K Composite Magazine markets itself as "interviews about people’s personal lives that are frankly none of your business."

Most of the interview subjects are friends and acquaintances of editor Scott Ritcher – and a full 100% of those people are not celebrities.

Despite being full of unknown people, the magazine has reached the Top 5 in Apple's Newsstand in several countries and can reliably be found in the US Top 100, among heavyweight titles from Condé Nast, Time Warner and News Corp.

Who would want to read about Scott's friends?

"I think the appeal falls somewhere between documentary films and reality television," Ritcher says. "And since I personally know most of the people I'm interviewing, the conversations have a relaxed honesty and inhibition you don't normally see in interviews. We feel comfortable saying whatever we want to each other."

That familiarity is part of what appealed to This American Life host Ira Glass when he proclaimed, "I love K Composite."

Ritcher explains, "Most of the time when you see someone being interviewed it's because they have a new movie out, or they're trying to sell you a book or something. K Composite has none of that. We're talking about real people's personal lives." 

The iPad edition of K Composite debuted last year as the newest incarnation of what Ritcher began as a Xerox-copied fanzine in the 1990's.

Design Milk, a site for design enthusiasts, recently wrote that the "digitally glossy" magazine stays true to its roots, "While the medium has morphed, Ritcher’s vision remains razor sharp." (http://design-milk.com/k-composite-magazine)

iPad owners can download K Composite by visiting www.kcomposite.com/ipad or by searching for K Composite in the App Store. The app and issues are free. New issues are delivered to subscribers' iPads around the world every few weeks.


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K Composite Magazine began with editor Scott Ritcher publishing interviews of his friends in a fanzine in the 1990s. The magazine's audience grew beyond its Louisville, Kentucky, base following features in Rolling Stone, Harper's, Chicago Tribune and NPR's Talk of the Nation. K Composite made its debut on the iPad in 2011 and is free in the App Store.