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Benefits of Creating Sales Quotes with VARStreet platform

Press Release   •   May 31, 2016 11:23 EDT

VARStreet quote creation software is a robust, flexible and reliable tool that can be an invaluable addition for your sales team. The quoting tool has a user friendly user that makes it simpler to create sales quotes. Now, although there are numerous quoting solutions available in the market, creating sales quotes with VARStreet platform has numerous advantages, some of which are discussed below:

Distributor Catalog at your Fingertips

When creating a sales quote, you need to know accurate information about the products available at various distributors. Although viewing a distributor’s website can give you the required information, it can be a tedious job, consuming a great deal of unnecessary time in generating a sales quote. All this can be easily avoided by using VARStreet platform.

VARStreet platform is connected to distributor catalog which provides up-to-date structured information about distributors and the products that they sell. So while creating quotes using VARStreet platform, you can access this distributor catalog at a click of a mouse and instantly know the updated prices and inventory of over 35+ distributors. Using this catalog, you can compare prices between all of your distributors on one page. This will allow you to create a sales quote within minutes and quickly send it online to your prospect.

Real Time Price & Availability Update

With VARStreet platform, you can check real time pricing and availability of products in your distributor catalog. This is possible because VARStreet has XML integration with some of the major IT distributors including Ingram Micro, Synnex, TechData, and D&H. With a single click you can view the live cost and availability of the product from multiple distributors. Plus you have access to rich content with full technical specifications of the products while creating a quote. This will allow you stay competitive in marketplace and moreover enable you to generate a sales quote that has a higher chance of winning.

Manage your Entire Business on the Way to Meeting

Since VARStreet sales quoting software is a web-based tool, you can create, send, and manage quotes anytime, anywhere as long as you have access to an Internet connection. So irrespective of your location, be it in your house or on the way to meeting your client, whatever the time and place, you can access product information from multiple distributors and create and send a quote in no time. The customer can also view and approve the quote online.

Analyze your Business on the Way to Office

VARStreet quoting application comes with its own mobile quoting app. This allows you to access the sales quoting module on your smart phones and tablets. Using your mobile device you can quickly browse products from multiple distributors and create a quote and analyze it on the go. So why ask your customers to wait for a quote when you can give them immediately with mobile quoting app? One major advantage of using VARStreet mobile quoting app is that it can help reduce sales cycle as it can make close deals faster and easier.

Approval Workflow

VARStreet online quoting software has a built in control mechanism by which the management can keep a track of sales quotes that are sent to the customer. The approval workflow module in VARStreet sales quoting tool ensures that only quotes that satisfy specific criteria set by the management go to the customer. For example, the sales rep will not be able to quote products below a specified criteria and send it to the customer. So any quote that fails to meet the set criteria will have to first go through a management approval built into the quoting tool.

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