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Best Selling Author Dr. Cass Ingram will Lecture at The Remedy Pharm on March 12

Press Release   •   Mar 06, 2012 09:36 EST

The Remedy Pharm in Torrance CA (just between downtown LA and Long Beach) is once again to host the world famous Dr Cass Ingram for a lecture on March 12. Dr Ingram has written books on how to live longer, how to eat right a guide to self nutrition. Often heard on the radio or seen on TV he is famous for promotion of the use of natural herbs and remedies. He holds a medical degree as well as a Doctorate in Osteopathy.

One of his most famous books and regarded as definitive is "The Cure is in the Cupboard" about the wonders of wild oregano. Yes, Oregano that many cooks use as a herb to flavor food can also be used to cure just about any ailment. His recipes are detailed in the book which has been a best seller for many years.

One of his controversial books is about the Cause of Cancer and he lists virus's coming from animals and the dangers of vaccines. He describes cure as well which includes spice oils and Chaga tea. Other books are about natural nutrition, germs, natural cures and the respiratory system.

His advice and research has helped many who have found that using natural products gives them additional energy and a better sense of wellbeing.

His latest book, "The Cure is in the Forest" is largely about wild chaga mushrooms as well as white birch bark and wild poplar buds.

Wild chaga mushrooms are tree mushrooms which are found, when used constantly, to have some broad spectrum beneficial effects, promoting wellbeing, helping with lung disease and other gastric disorders and skin infections. It is rich in natural enzymes and many essential nutrients but in addition it contains a massive doses of superoxide dimutase which absorbs noxious free radical before the body absorbs them. In addition there are sterols which are the natural equivalent of steroids and along with the wild birch bark provides natural preventatives and stimulants.

The Remedy Pharm, unlike many health shops only employs people who are well versed in all their products. When going into a normal health store, or a pharmacy that has a large range of commercial dietary supplements one is likely to find the staff pretty vague about many of the products. So faced with a wall of bottles with a myriad of names how exactly does one know what one is buying.

By and large one is not sure. Many of these products make outlandish claims which are often found not to work as described or effect only a partial cure. Not so the Remedy Pharm which is an 8,000 sq foot store containing eco friendly and organic.

Dedicated to healthy and natural living the trained staff are ready to assist you find the best natural solutions or products that you are looking for. From Homeopathic remedies to natural weight loss programs. From Babies nutrition to a seniors club Remedy Pharm is ready to serve you.

The Remedy Pharm is proud to have Dr Cass Ingram lecture on March 12. Book your place now.

Press Release by The Remedy Pharm.
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Dr Cass Ingram, author of The Cure is in the Forest is an expert in Health Living and helps people in Torrance and The South Bay attain a better quality of life by using natural products.