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Press release   •   Feb 21, 2017 01:27 EST

On Neverwinter official forum, there is a thread about Neverwinter Mod 11 patch notes which have unveiled a bunch of changes and new content in the Cloaked Ascendancy, including Neverwinter River District, Demogorgon Raid, Weapon Enhancement Changes and more.

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Neverwinter Module 11 patch notes are featuring the new adventure zone River District, the brand new Skirmish Illusionist's Gambit, and Weapons Enchanted changes. For the former two, we have introduced before.

For weapon enhancement changes in Neverwinter, we need to mark that some of the weaker weapon enhancements have been increased in the output as so to bring them into the same realm as certain well-scaling enhancements. All these enhancements are now available on the Preview tab.

Some changes in Dungeons and Trials

There will be lots of changes for Dungeons and Trials. But here are the top two of them, which players would care about the most.

1. Players may now queue for Demogorgon Raid at any time, and Drizzt no longer runs to Demogorgon's cave entrance in Mantol Derith.

2. The Rage of Demons hourly event no longer exists in Neverwinter.

Zen Market

Knox's Adventurer Recruitment Order: Hunter Rangers will no longer incorrectly have six extra inventory slots when created using this purchase. Existing characters should not be affected by this change.

Future Events

A new PvP Leaderboard season has begun.

In addition, there will be more updates and changes for Neverwinter items for PC, as well as mounts, quests and so on.

Neverwinter Mod 11 the Cloaked Ascendancy will be available to play on Tuesday, February 21. Are you ready for Neverwinter Module 11 release? We will keep posting new updates and offering cheap safe astral diamonds neverwinter to you! Good luck in Neverwinter the Cloaked Ascendancy!

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