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Biofuels market to grow by 12.9% during 2006-2015

Press Release   •   Oct 26, 2010 10:28 EDT

Biofuels have seen a spurt in the US and the EU, with the latter planning to increase its annual production to about 10% of its liquid fuels by 2020. The United States has set up an ambitious target to produce about 8 billion gallons annually by 2012 and about 40 billion gallons by 2022. Though the energy companies are widening their portfolios to include biofuels, the move is fraught by significant challenges such as types of fuels to be used, regulations and regulatory approvals, increased usage of land for cultivating biofuel crops and diversion of food crops for fuel production which is resulting in the increase of food prices.

This report analyses the global market for Biofuels and the product segments analyzed in this report include Ethanol and Biodiesel. Rich statistical analysis is carried out for the global and the regional markets including the United States, Brazil, European Union, Asia-Pacific and Rest of World. The regional markets further analyzed for European Union – Germany, Sweden, France, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Rest of EU; Asia-Pacific – China, India, Australia and Rest of Asia-Pacific.

Global market for Biofuels is projected to grow by a CAGR of 12.9% during the period 2006-2015 to reach US$ 61.5 billion by 2015. The report comprises 112 rich data tables, supported with meaningful and easy to understand graphical presentation, of market numbers. The statistical tables represent the data for the global market value/consumption volumes by geographic regions and the product segments.

The report covers the profiles of 51 key global players and 79 major players for The North America – 46; Brazil – 2; European Union – 21; Asia-Pacific – 6; and Rest of World – 4. The report also provides the listing of the companies engaged in research, technology development, equipment manufacturing and the supply of biofuels. The global list covers addresses, contact numbers and the website addresses of 692 companies.

Table of Contents

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Product Segmentation
1.3 Biofuels Production Analysis
1.4 Snapshot on Global Biofuel Policies
1.5. Market Trends
1.6 Key Global Players
1.7 Key Business Trends
1.8 Global Market Overview
1.8.1 Market Overview by Product Segment
1.8.2 Product Segment Overview by Geographic Region Ethanol Biodiesel
2.1 Regional Market Overview
2.1.1 The United States
2.1.2 Brazil
2.1.3 European Union European Union Market Overview by Country
The United Kingdom
Rest of European Union
2.1.4 Asia-Pacific Asia-Pacific Market Overview by Country
Rest of Asia Pacific
2.1.5Rest of World
3.1 United States
3.2 Brazil
3.3 European Union
3.4 Asia-Pacific
3.5 Rest of World
3.5.1 Argentina
3.5.2 Canada
3.5.3 Chile
3.5.4 Israel
3.5.5 Lebanon
3.5.6 Papua New Guinea
3.5.7 South Africa
3.5.8 South Korea
3.5.9 South Korea
3.5.10 Tanzania
4.1 Research methodology
4.2 The Questionnaire
4.3 Feedback

Major Global Market Players

Alco Biofuel
American Ethanol Group
Aquaflow Bionomic
Argent Energy
Arkenol Fuels
Aurora Biofuels
Australian Biodiesel Group Ltd
Aventine Renewable Fuels Limited
BioFuel Energy Corp.
Biofutures International Plc
Blue Sky Bio-Fuels
BlueFire Ethanol Fuels, Inc.
British Petroleum Company PLC
Cavitation Technologies, Inc.
Chevron Corporation
China Clean Energy Inc.
Consolidated Biofuels, Inc.
Cosan Limited
DuPont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol Llc
EOP Biodiesel AG
ETH Bioenergia
Evolution Fuels, Inc.
and more...

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