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Biopsy Devices Market Globally is projected to reach USD 3 Billion from 2018 to 2024

Press release   •   Mar 23, 2018 03:02 EDT

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Biopsy devices market is eminently fuelling due to the rising demand for less invasive procedures and the increasing incidence of cancer across the globe. Biopsy is a procedure of taking out a piece of tissue (sample) of cells from one’s body so that it can be studied further in a laboratory. Most often, doctor suggests having a biopsy done to determine whether one has cancer or some other condition. Global Biopsy Devices Market will reach US$ 3 Billion by the year 2024, according to Renub Research’s new report.

A biopsy is one of the key diagnostic procedures performed during the diagnosis of any cancer. Though, other relevant tests may suggest that the cancer is present, but only a biopsy can make a perfect diagnosis. Doctors may recommend a biopsy when they find something doubtful in a person’s physical or other tests finding. For different cancer, different types of biopsies are performed such as in order to investigate a lump or mass- Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) is performed while a surgical biopsy is performed to eliminate the tumor.

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Types of Biopsy:

Some of the most common types of biopsy performed during the diagnosis of cancer are as follows:

1. Needle biopsy

Needle Biopsies are of two types, they are

  • Fine needle biopsy (also called fine needle aspiration)
    Core needle biopsy (also called core biopsy)
  • Fine Needle Biopsy

    Fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy is done using a very thin, hollow needle syringe. Fine needle aspiration biopsy is performed to pull out a little amount of fluid and tiny pieces of tissue from the tumor. If the tumor is near to the body surface, doctor aims the needle directly into the tumor to take the specimen while in case of deeper tumor, a doctor may use guidance system such as ultrasound or CT scan to guide needle specifically to the tumor.

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    Core Biopsy

    Core Biopsy Needles are slightly larger than that of the Fine Needle Biopsy. In core biopsy a small cylindrical tissue is taken out from the tumor for diagnosis. The core biopsy is performed in a clinical setup with local anesthesia. Processing core biopsy samples generally take longer than that of the fine needle biopsies.

    2. Excisional or Incisional Biopsy

    In Excisional biopsy, a doctor cut through the skin in order to eliminate an entire portion of tumor while in incisional biopsy, a small portion of the tumor is taken out. These biopsies are mostly performed using regional or local anesthesia, so that the patient will not feel any pain during the course of procedure.

    Cancer A Concern

    Across the world, the population is increasing and ageing rapidly; and so does the number of cancer population. Cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths in developed and developing countries. Thus, in order to control the rising prevalence of cancer, government needs to play a clear role; they must ensure proper healthcare infrastructure and reimbursement to the cancer patients. With the increasing healthcare infrastructure and proper reimbursement, the global biopsy devices market keep flourishing to the year yet to come.

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