CreativeWorks Systems, Inc. Explains the Difference Between Analog and Digital PBX Systems

Press release   •   Feb 14, 2014 18:32 EST

New York, NY

Birns Telecommunications posted a new blog entry on the differences between analog and digital PBX Systems. The article describes the basic features from each version and their suitability to different businesses depending on their size.

As explained by, analog phone systems cover basic calling needs such as transferring, redialing and holding. They are a good option for small offices with low calling traffic. The downside is that since they are hardware based, and this means any adaptation involves rewiring or new equipment.

VoIP Phone Systems on the other hand are software based, which means that changes are not made directly to the devices and therefore feature programming is more flexible. They are also compatible with VoIP lines, and this makes them a cost effective option on the long run.

ATA adapters and analog gateways can be added to analog phone systems to create hybrids. This means that features from analog and digital phone systems can merge without a full system replacement (this is particularly a good option for New York Phone Systems).

Birns Telecommunications encourages customers to consider their business needs and potential growth when deciding which system to purchase. As digital phone systems can be adapted to new needs and extensions with low hassles, as opposed to analog systems that require further hardware. is a leading telecommunications company from New York City. More information about products and services can be found on the company website Birns.Net. They can also be contacted directly by phone at 212-352-7001.

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