BNS gold 10% bonus promo and Updates Shadows of Innocents with 3 New Heroic Dungeons July 20

Press release   •   Jul 08, 2016 04:50 EDT

Just now, NCSOFT announced that Shadows of the Innocents which is the next Blade & Soul content update will be set to hit live servers on July 20, 2016. However, in the continuation of the Blade & Soul storyline, the evil is still corrupting the world now. So it’s time to buy Blade and Soul Gold from Safewow to enhance your weapons and equipment and make our world a better environment.

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Shadows of Innocents includes Acts 5 and 6
The contents of the Shadows of Innocents includes Acts 5 and 6 which continues the story line after the fall of the Dark Lord. What’s more, In the next content expansion: the Shadows of Innocents, there will be 3 new Heroic Dungeons: Shattered Masts, Gloomdross Incursion, and Twisted Grimhorn Wilds. You need to party with others to go through the three new heroic dungeons.

Heroic Dungeons 1: Shattered Masts
In Shattered Masts, you will need to team up with the Vice Admiral herself to save Admiral Haemujin from the dark chi corruption. This Heroic Dungeon is available in 4- and 6-player modes.
Heroic Dungeons 2: Gloomdross Incursion
In Gloomdross Incursion, you should defeat summoned demons in the instanced dungeon Gloomdross Incursion. The Gloomdross Incursion is available in 4- and 6-player modes.
Heroic Dungeons 3: Twisted Grimhorn Wilds
In Twisted Grimhorn, the black pillars spawn demonic creatures in the Twisted Grimhorn Wilds, which is a 24-player instanced dungeon.
Now, the long-defunct Ebondrake Cult has arisen in the wake of the Dark Lord's failed invasion. Can you stop them while mentoring the next generation of Hongmoon students? So hurry to party with others and buy cheap Blade and Soul Gold on Safewow to defeat these new challenges!

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