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Boise, Idaho’s “Five Mile Dental” Center Website Goes Live!

Press release   •   Jun 20, 2011 00:08 EDT

Boise, Idaho’s leading dental practice, Five Mile Dental, has today announced the launch of its new website at

The Five Mile Dental of Boise, Idaho was set up to deliver quality dental care to dental patients in a relaxed, comfortable, convenient setting.

“Persons residing and working in Boise, Idaho can now feel assured that when they have dental problems or in need of expert dental care, they can now turn to a Boise dentist who listens, understands, and responds in a caring and loving way,” said Dr. Rich Heemeyer, dental practitioner and head of Five Mile Dental.

When you turn up at Five Mile Dental, according to Dr. Rich Heemeyer, you can also expect to find a friendly dentist who knows how to counsels you on the most appropriate ways to caring for, maintaining and improving your dental health. “

Five Mile Dental of Boise, Idaho, staffed by a professionally trained and dedicated team of dental health practitioners who offer patients individualized attention, believes that informed patients are always more prepared to make decisions concerning their dental health.

According to Dr. Rich Heemeyer, they’ve included an extensive section of the website to covering the various topics dealing with dentistry, dental diagnoses and treatments. “We invite you to go visit and look around website whenever you have an interest in or concern about your dental health needs,” said Dr. Rich Heemeyer.

“The best dental health care in the world,” noted Dr. Rich Heemeyer, “doesn’t mean anything if you can't access it, and at Five Mile Dental of Boise, Idaho, our aim is to keep you smiling while we strive to make our office as efficient and convenient as possible for you.”

For further information, please contact:
Five Mile Dental
10497 Garverdale Ct Ste 107
Boise, ID 83704
(208) 378-9575

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