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Bose Breaks the Silence in Buick Verano

Press Release   •   Nov 29, 2011 03:59 EST

DETROIT – Just because Buick engineers designed the all-new 2012 Verano luxury sedan to have one of the quietest cabins in its segment doesn’t mean it needs to stay that way. The audio specialists at Bose Corp. saw to that by designing a premium sound system that takes advantage of Verano’s quiet-tunedinterior.

 “Verano is the perfect setting for music-lovers to enjoy their favorite recordings on the road, because its interior is well-insulated from outside noises, letting the Bose system shine,” said Chuck Russell, Verano vehicle line director. “Verano owners will be amazed by how great the Bose system sounds on the road, even at low volume.”

Creating Verano’s available seven-channel, nine-speaker Bose premium sound system started with the company’s “Clean Sheet” approach, meaning Bose engineers completely analyzed the car’s interior before tuning and equalizing the system.

First, Bose engineers recorded system frequencies for each seating position, using 10 different microphone readings for each speaker, collecting hundreds of initial measurements. Then, they analyzed the data and applied audio equalization settings specific to Verano’s unique acoustical environment.

With this approach, music is reproduced with tonal balance and detail; speech sounds natural, and there’s no audible distortion – even when the system is played loudly. Multiple bass sources – front and back – are controlled by a proprietary algorithm for performance that captures more of the power and emotion intended by the artist.

Bose engineers listened to a variety of test recordings on Verano’s sound system during the equalization process, fine-tuning the system to reproduce the sounds of individual instruments and their intended place within the recordings as accurately as possible. In the end, thousands of measurements were taken by the time the system was ready for production.

“There is an art and a science to designing a great vehicle sound system,” said Joe McCabe, Bose audio systems engineer. “Acoustic measurements are an essential starting point, but it also takes a human approach to fine-tune a premium system like the one in the Buick Verano.”

Buick’s extensive use of noise-reducing and noise-cancelling materials and technologies in Verano helps keep the Bose system’s reproduction of guitar solos and three-part harmonies crystal clear, while keeping out competing sounds such as road, wind and engine noise. This allows occupants to enjoy their favorite music without having to crank the volume. Buick’s quiet-tuning process includes:

  • The steel front-of-dash panel is sandwiched between two damping mats.
  • Nylon baffles are used in various hollow portions of the body structure and filled with sound-absorbing foam that expands when the body enters the paint oven.
  • The headliner comprises five layers of thermal fiber acoustic material, including a premium woven fabric on the visible outer layer.
  • Liquid applied sound deadener is robotically applied throughout the body structure to both deaden and dampen unwanted noises and vibrations.
  • Sound insulation material between rear-body structural components is made from recycled denim.
  • Triple-sealed doors feature fiberglass “blankets” that serve as water, airflow and noise barriers. The doors are also beta-braced, meaning they close with a solid, precise sound and no resonance.
  • Windshield and side glass consists of 5.4-mm- and 4.85mm-thick acoustic laminated glass respectively. 
  • The engine’s intake and exhaust systems are tuned for quiet performance
  • Isolated brake and fuel lines prevent vibrations.

The nine-speaker Bose premium sound system is standard on any leather-appointed Verano and is a $595 stand-alone option on all other variants.