Bottled water for sale to support Solvatten project

Press Release   •   Jun 25, 2013 08:25 EDT

Some 30 Swedish Hemköp and Willys stores are now selling water for the benefit of a Solvatten project in Uganda. Axfood has produced a 0,5 liter bottle of sparkling water with lemon flavor as part of the cooperation with Solvatten. The bottles are sold for 10 SEK where half the proceeds goes to the project.

Anders Strålman, CEO of Axfood: It feels great to support Solvatten. It is a very hands on way to contribute to a project with many social and environmental benefits. Solvatten brings better life to people with limited access to safe water and clean energy. We hope that our customers likes the initiative as much as we do so that we can extend the campaign to many more stores.

Solvatten is a handy container that using the sun’s UV light and heat to purify contaminated water. It improves health, while it takes less wood to heat and boil water. This reduces deforestation.

Axfood already purchase carbon offsetting through Solvatten for their business travel by air and by product line Garant Såklart.

SOLVATTEN® is a unique, patented and solar-powered water treatment unit. It is portable and primarily for household use. The units treat contaminated water, making it safe to drink, as well as providing hot water for personal hygiene and cooking. No consumables, such as chemicals or batteries, are required. Solvatten uses the combined power of heat and ultraviolet radiation from the sun to deactivate disease-causing microorganisms, producing water that meets the WHO Guidelines for Safe Water.  With these units householders improve their health and the environment, as well as saving time and money.  From the proven savings of fuelwood Solvatten has been judged to have the potential to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 26 million tons annually by 2020