Bouton Kids Ltd. in North California Is Your Source for Top Quality Children's Wear

Press release   •   Sep 19, 2016 00:14 EDT

Northern California, 19-September-2016 -- Bouton Kids makes quality clothing for boys and girls using the finest organic heritage materials from skilled artisans. Their children's clothing in Northern California is the finest quality around. We produce some decorative styles of clothing based on ancient traditions.

Kalamkari is an Indian method of decorating fabric with pen. This process dates back to the 13th century in India. There are 17 steps involved in the process. This craft is practiced primarily in south eastern India. We use natural dyes from a wide variety of materials like leaves, flowers, seeds, bark, and metals.

After the color is applied to the fabric it is washed. This means that with each color the fabric is washed again. Another technique we use is hand block printing. It is one of the earliest forms of printing and is practiced in India. It began over 250 years ago and involves applying color to different materials in patterns. A design is drawn on a wooden block or transferred there. The craftsmen must make a separate block for each color in the design. The wood must be carved out by a block cutter.

After the block is carved the color is applied to the block and pressed into the material. It is dried before applying another color. Often materials have decorative designs and art. Ilkat is another process similar to the tye dye process, it produces multicolored designs and patterns. After dying patterns into the material the cloth is woven by skilled artisans. It is a highly skilled process that is practiced in India and Indonesia.

Bouton Kids fabrics are organic and free trade. Organic fabrics are grown from plants without pesticides, chemicals, and synthetic fertilizers. They are natural and safe for children. We make a wide variety of tops for girls that are stylish and colorful. There are skirts, dresses, and lounge wear, Choose from a large selection of pants, shorts, lounge wear, and shirts for boys. The website often features sale items for both boys and girls. They sell a few accessories like totes, scarves, and pouches for kids.

The company was started by two sisters that lived in Bombay. Their names are Rekha and Sunita. They loved beautiful natural clothing made with quality textiles. They both had children and wanted to dress them in clothing made of quality materials. Rekha lives in London and Sunita New York. Sunita introduced the brand to the US in 2010. This made Bouton Kids an international company. Rekha loved textile design in Bombay and this is where the idea for the company originated.

The company sells the highest quality clothing online for boys and girls. The patterns and designs are creative and artsy. Every collection they design is limited edition only. Customers can sign up for a free newsletter on the website by providing an email address. You can order clothing and accessories online by visiting the website at The company provides free shipping on orders over $50. They accept returns for exchanges and refunds within 14 days if not satisfied.

Company Name: Bouton Kids Ltd.

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