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BRIC Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Device Market, Users, SMBG Components & Forecast

Press release   •   Mar 30, 2018 02:42 EDT

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Since 2010, Blood Glucose Device (SMBG) users in the BRIC countries have grown 33 percent in 2017 due to growing diabetic population mainly China, India, Russia and Brazil governments are increasing awareness about diabetes preventive methods, government’s diabetes initiatives and increasing per capita healthcare expenditure in BRIC countries. SMBG device is mainly combinations of three components; Glucose Meter, Test Strips and Lancets.

As the name suggest SMBG stands for Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose device, used for self sugar level monitoring for diabetic patients at home. It helps diabetic patients to make diet plan, reduce anxiety and inform doctor as well as patients that how good their medication is working. Type 1 diabetic patients require daily monitoring of their blood glucose level. Frequency of blood glucose monitoring is varying from diabetes type. Type 1 diabetic patients need multiple time monitoring in single day.

BRIC Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Device Market, Users, SMBG Components (Test Strips, Lancet, Meter) & Forecast published by Renub Research studies the BRIC Countries Blood Glucose Device Segments Market: Blood Glucose Test Strips Market, Blood Glucose Lancet Market and Blood Glucose Meter Market. Annual forecast are provided for the period of 2018 through 2024. A Seven year historic analysis is also provided for these markets. This market research report provides a complete analysis of all 4 countries Brazil, Russia, India & China Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG) Market.

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By Diabetes - Population Segmentation

All the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) have covered the details of Total Diabetic Population, Type 1 Diabetic Population and Type 2 Diabetic Population. A Seven year historic analysis and annual forecast is also included in this study.

By SMBG – Segmentation

This report provides the details of BRIC country specific SMBG Users and Market, Test Strips Market, Lancet Market and Glucose Meter Market.

By Test Strips – Country Segmentation

The report has also been further segmented on the test strips basis that includes blood glucose test strips historical and forecasted market size in Brazil, Russia, India and China. Russia and China represents a significant market.

By Lancet – Country Segmentation

Lancet is playing the significant role in the BRIC SMBG market. Under this segment blood glucose lancet market is defined for the following countries: Brazil, India, China and Russia

By Blood Glucose Meter – Country Segmentation

This report studes the Blood glucose meter market size in various BRIC countries such as Brazil, India, China and Russia. It is 2nd most important segment in the BRIC SMBG market.

SMBG Segments covers in this study

All the 4 countries in the report have been studied from 7 viewpoints.

  • BRIC Countries Diabetes Population
    • BRIC Countries Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes
    • BRIC Countries Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG) Devices Users
    • BRIC Countries Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Devices (SMBG) Market
    • BRIC Countries Blood Glucose Test Strips Market
    • BRIC Countries Blood Glucose Lancet Market
    • BRIC Countries Blood Glucose Meter Market

  • Countries cover in this study

  • Brazil
    • India
    • China
    • Russia

  • This Report is useful for those who want to know

    • BRIC as well as country specific SMBG device market, SMBG device segments (Blood Glucose Meter, Test Strips and Lancet) market
    • Countries Diabetes Scenario (Total Number of Diabetic Mellitus Population, Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetic Population)
    • Countries Reimbursement Policy on Diabetic Care and SMBG Devices

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