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Bullock Breakers Moves To A Bigger Facility With Advance And Expanded Inventory

Press release   •   Sep 07, 2016 05:39 EDT

Annandale, MN, United States,–Bullock Breakers is one of the best electric equipment suppliers in the US. The company has expanded its operations by moving to a bigger location.

Bullock Breakers is a family owned company which specializes in selling used air and vacuum circuit breakers along with switchgear from many different brands. With thousands of used air and vacuum circuit breakers available for sale, Bullock Breakers is continually supplying and updating their inventory. In order to meet the demands of the growing business, the company has shifted to a new and bigger location. With the expanded inventory, the company is all geared to implement better technical support and facilities to their large number of customers. It also shows their commitment towards serving their clients in the best possible manner.

At Bullock Breakers you can find various inventory parts of circuit breakers and switchgears. They also have Ground & Test Units, Potential Transformer and Voltage Transformer Drawers (PT/VT drawers) of different brands in their stock. With the growing business, they came across a situation where they thought a bigger facility would help them to serve their clients in a much better way. Thus, have moved to a larger space with expanded stock. The newly added items in the stock includes outdoor switchgear, and more electric component and parts. With this expansion, the company is looking forward to satisfy their customers completely and easily.

The new facility of Bullock Breakers at Annandale Blvd has a warehouse space of 20,000 square feet. In addition to this, the annex warehouse located nearby has another 35,000 square feet space. This 55,000 square feet of warehouse space is beautifully designed to store and handle a greater amount of inventory including breakers and related accessories.

For more information, you can simply log on to their website http://www.bullockbreakers.com/ or Call them at 763-269-2832. You can also email them with your queries at Jason@bullockbreakers.com

Bullock Breakers is a family owned company that offers used air and vacuum circuit breakers and switchgear from different brands. The company continually supplies and updates its inventory of circuit breakers and switchgears. They also stock a large inventory of component and parts.