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Bullock Breakers now Offers Breakers with AC-PRO and AC-PRO II Trip Units

Press Release   •   Jan 05, 2017 07:06 EST

Bullock Breakers, a well-known electrical equipment supplier in the USA can now fit breakers with the latest AC-PRO and AC-PRO II Trip Units themselves. This achievement has made them capable of serving their customers in a much better way.

Bullock Breakers is a family owned business that offers a wide range of used air and vacuum circuit breakers like abb vacuum circuit breaker and westinghouse breakers. They also keep updating their services as providing complete customer satisfaction is the top most priority for Bullock Breakers. Moving ahead with this same notion, they have recently achieved mastery in retrofitting Breakers with AC-PRO and AC-PRO II Trip Units.

AC-PRO trip units are the newest and most versatile trip unit on the market and a lot of people ask to replace the old trip with the new AC-PRO on their breakers. The team of experts at Bullock Breakers can now do that themselves. The trip unit are considered as the brains of the breaker and thus using a highly advance AC-PRO Trip unit can definitely enhance the efficiency and the performance of the breakers fitted with them. It offers Backwards Compatibility and come with USB port, OLED Multi Line Display Unit and programming options. It is also capable of providing the Last Trip Data which includes a date and time stamp of each event from an integrated real time clock.

The AC-PRO-II Trip Units are also compatible with the QUICK-TRIP® Arc Flash Reduction system. The QUICK-TRIP system is a manually controlled arc flash hazard reduction system which can reduce trip times when turned on & allows selective coordination between the circuit breakers when turned off.

Other than fitting breakers with AC-PRO and AC-PRO II Trip Units, Bullock Breakers are also known for their large collection of used air and vacuum circuit breakers along with switchgears of various famous brands. Their collection includes siemens-allis circuit breaker, ge magne-blast circuit breaker, ge wavepro circuit breaker, westinghouse air circuit breaker and equipment of many other renowned brands. Buying used circuit breakers and switchgears from Bullock Breakers can be beneficial as they offer better products at unmatched rates. Not only this, they also make it a point that the products delivered by them are of high efficiency and enhanced performance.

To get your Breakers fitted with the all new AC-PRO Trip units, visit Bullock Breakers. Call them at 763-269-2832 and get a quote today. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get regular updates about their company or any new product. For more information, simply log on to their website http://www.bullockbreakers.com/

Bullock Breakers is a family owned company that offers used air and vacuum circuit breakers and switchgear from different brands. The company continually supplies and updates its inventory of circuit breakers and switchgears. They also stock a large inventory of component and parts.