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Business Digest from Key Insights for Selecting UPS Systems for Businesses

Press Release   •   Jun 17, 2013 17:41 EDT

What are the factors to consider when selecting UPS systems? This is a question every IT manager or business executive should ask because of the importance of UPS systems for businesses; UPS systems protect what matters most – critical business data, systems and processes, from wanton electrical surges that can occur at any time and damage core business infrastructure.

What to consider when selecting UPS systems?

1. Check the rating

UPS systems have varying power ratings, and you should consult with an expert or your IT department before going ahead to purchase one. The power rating or ‘capacity’ of the UPS system you should select is a function of the size of your establishment – what is your power consumption? How many workstations or devices will the selected UPS systems support?

These are questions that any expert can answer by taking a look at your office or site.

2. Warranties

It’s always safer to go for office equipment that have warranties. This is because components could be faulty prior to purchase without your knowledge, and without warranties, you would be at a loss. Always check that the product you are about to select comes with a warranty.

3. Support

It is okay to select a UPS from a local store and install yourself, but having access to qualified support can be essential when downtime arises. This is why it’s always better to go for an arrangement that already includes support.

The experts at are always available to answer questions about UPS systems or any type of office phone system or equipment installation on their toll-free customer service line. is a provider of VoIP services (VoIP phones, VoIP gateways, VoIP service and more) and business phone system equipment as well as general telephony services including installations, cabling, networking and others. Shop for leading business telephone systems and equipment from brands like Aastra, Allworx, Grandstream, NEC phone system products, TalkSwitch, Xblue and Yealink from at affordable prices with great support options.


Minuteman UPS power systems are now available online from in 500VA, 700VA and 1.1KVA models to protect critical business equipment and processes during power failure.

Also available: an expanded range of market-leading Minuteman UPS solutions including the Minuteman 500VA 350W UPS with 4 outlets (plus 2 for surge protection), Minuteman 700VA 490W 6-outlet 2-surge UPS, Minuteman 1100VA 770W 6-outlet UPS, Minuteman 1000VA 6-outlet Rack mount UPS, Minuteman 1500VA 1200W Rack mount UPS with 6 outlets and the Minuteman 1500VA 6-outlet rack mounted UPS, among other solutions.

Discounts may be available on selected UPS systems from, please inquire with customer service.

"UPS systems protect your business during power failure to ensure there is no loss of critical business data or production. now stocks an expanded range of market-leading UPS equipment to protect your business for low prices," says principal Yaron Ram.

To learn more about the UPS systems, including available models, support options, discounts and pricing, visit For additional inquiries, call support lines on 1-800-390-1200 or send an email to

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