Business Opportunity Lets Entrepreneurs Market Pain Relief For Success

Press release   •   Jun 15, 2011 09:27 EDT

[Goodyear, Arizona] - June 15, 2011 - In today's world, a great many people suffer from a variety of health conditions that bring along with them a great deal of pain. Living with pain has been shown by scientists and psychologists alike to have a strongly negative effect on the person suffering and this is a big part of the reason that pharmacology has continued to seek out new ways of relieving pain. However, the majority of pharmaceutical drugs produced for pain relief carry with them addictive properties that can be very difficult to fight. One solution has become a major business opportunity as people begin looking to the natural world to find solutions which might exist in plants. A key discovery has been the existence of Betalins in the Nopal Cactus that grows in the Sonoran Desert of the United States. By using this fruit in a drink called nopalea. The drink is unique in how it approaches pain relief, but how it is marketed is perhaps even more ground breaking.

TriVita, the company that offers the drink has been in business for over a decade and they have developed a business strategy known as CO-OP Marketing. This way of marketing their popular wellness Drink allows the business owners who work with TriVita to purchase the customers acquired via TV commercials so that they then have a ready list of clients to work with. By allowing business owners to have customers who are already buying from the company, Trivita is serving its customers far better live support and offering business owners an unprecedented opportunity at the same time. TV commercials are obviously beyond the budgets of the majority of home based entrepreneurs and this is where the advantage lies for them, even beyond the power of the product itself. The equivalent of a massive advertising budget means they have customers who are already acquainted with the product and never do cold calling. The power of this opportunity to change the lives of those who have begun with it already is quite intense and goes far beyond the typical opportunities out there today. A solid product, added to a sound entrepreneurial strategy is helping people replace their full time incomes and still have more time for their family while helping other families achieve better wellness.

Those wishing to learn more about this opportunity should visit http://www.HigherVisionWellness.com or call 602-708-1249 to speak with someone right over the phone who can answer all of their questions.

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 In today's world, a great many people suffer from a variety of health conditions that bring along with them a great deal of pain.