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Business Owners Are Crushing the Competition With iPoster Direct

Press Release   •   Feb 17, 2010 14:12 EST

iPoster Direct is the first digital sign solution that's fast, easy, affordable and effective. With iPoster’s continuing advancements in technology and web-based innovations, digital signage is now available to everyone. Their plug and play digital signage has become more accessible to a wider range of companies and those companies are realizing that the initial, one-time cost of getting into the game is far outweighed by the Return on Investment.

iposter Direct has been placing their Plug & Play units with eye-catching content in several point of wait, sale and transit areas for every imaginable business.

Robert Allen the National Sales Manager for iPoster Direct expressed that the company is expanding rapidly due to the positive return on investment that they provide their clients. Our goal is to not only allow business owners to reach their target audience for a relatively modest sum, but to also give them the opportunity to speak to them.

Business owners are provided a program to upload their content on a flash drive that locks into the iPoster Direct plug and play unit or they can have iPoster Direct prepare the content.  Mr.  Allen added “Whether the goal of the presentation is product branding, marketing or assisted selling; the iPoster Direct dynamic content is king. We are known for our cutting edge images that not only entertain but persuade people to buy product.”

iPoster Direct is a high quality, commercial grade LCD screen with a built-in, 24-hours / 7 days a week, constant-use transformer and power supply. Not only is it easy to operate, there is no need for a broadband connection. Business owners have the ability to develop content that can be targeted at specific times that can be changed by the minute, hour or week. The iPoster Direct is available in a 20” & 36” wall mount display or a free standing 46” that complements any environment.

IPoster is an elegant commercial grade LCD screen that is easy to operate and there is no need for a broadband connection usually required with typical digital signage systems.

This technology lets you add your advertising and information on to a USB flash memory stick from which iPoster self loads images onto its built-in 2G storage drive which boasts capacity for more than 2,000 high definition pictures.

The simplicity of the iPoster design makes it suitable for a wide range of interior environments and uses. IPoster is available in 20” & 32” wall mount (landscape or portrait views) and a 46” freestanding display.

Ideal for shopping malls, entertainment centers, retail stores, tradeshow booths and professional offices.