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Business Phones Provider Undergoes Maintenance to Streamline Internal Search Engine

Press Release   •   May 07, 2014 20:24 EDT

Bay Shore, NY

Business Phone experts is now performing new website improvements to give users a better experience. Streamlining the internal search engine will help potential buyers access all available information to make an informed purchase faster and easier. The company has promised these maintenance activities will not interfere with the website normal operations.

All customers at can personalize their products using different website features, which is why its performance is so important for the New York-based telecom leader. Details for the entire catalog of products, prices, discounts, promotions, and of course new releases, can all be found online.

According to a spokesperson from the company, their specialized phone systems are cost-effective communication tools that fit businesses of any size. Being able to implement a VoIP-based system, business owners can benefit from lower phone bills and multifunctional devices, which will ultimately make a positive impact on productivity.

The company clarifies that maintenance activities will continue without affecting current services. Customers can visit the website and make their orders without any inconveniences, while it undergoes a search engine upgrade that promises a significantly friendlier experience.

Customizable products such as VoIP phones are adjustable to any business size and need. These devices work for small offices where a limited budget must be carefully spent, and for large offices in need of a more effective product (like a PBX system that can provide a strategic communications improvement). is a leading business phone systems provider for the New York area. They specialize in offering custom solutions that include a variety of high-quality telecommunication products. Customers can make their direct orders and inquiries at 1.800.390.1200.


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