BusinessTechDirect.com Extends Product Line with Cassida Currency Counting Machines

Press Release   •   Nov 09, 2011 02:39 EST

October 28, 2011 – Scottsdale, AZ. BusinessTechDirect.com, supplier of premium business machines, is now offering the Cassida line of currency counting machines for sale on its website. Cassida is an affordable, user-friendly brand that is an asset to any business. They make perfect sense, because not only do they give your employees the ability to count money rapidly and correctly, but they also identify counterfeit bills.

Cassida counting machines match the needs of any type of business, because they range from simple units that can total a number of bills to sophisticated equipment that can count bills by denomination and create audit trails. They reduce labor as well as financial costs associated with counting money by hand.

BusinessTechDirect.com is offering five Cassida models. The 5510 UV and 5520 UV, both of which use infrared technology to provide counterfeit detection, can each count up to 1300 bills per minute. The 6600, which offers magnetic counterfeit detection, can count up to 1400 bills per minute, and it offers helpful operating modes such as count, add, batch and add & batch.

The Cassida 85 heavy duty currency counter, can also process coupons, tickets, deposit slips and other documents. The 85 can count both new and old bills, and you can upgrade your order to 85M (magnetic counterfeit detection) and 85U (infrared counterfeit detection). Finally, there’s the Cassida Tiger, which offers optional UV and magnetic ink counterfeit detection similar to that offered by the other models.

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