Buy Auto Insurance Leads Online To Keep The Business Going Up

Press Release   •   Jan 16, 2017 09:00 EST

Get Cheap Auto Insurance Online To Save More Money

Auto insurance agents rely heavily on insurance leads for their business. To keep the business flowing smoothly, they also buy auto insurance leads. Agents tap a number of sources including cheap auto insurance leads online for greater sales.

But, not all leads get converted to sales. Even the most sought-after real time leads may not always prove to be the best answer. Many real time leads get put-off by so many sales calls that they just end up not buying coverage. Therefore, ensure that you buy leads from the best auto insurance lead companies that have a reputation of selling leads with high conversion rates.

You may want to buy aged leads for your insurance business, as they are hot leads but just a bit older – ranging between 31 and 85 days. While real time leads are the newest, they may not guarantee conversion.

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Whether you are looking for car finance, personal health insurance lead or any other type of insurance leads, give due thought to the performance of the leads. Consult other agents and seek feedback on the performance of real time leads versus aged leads and decide accordingly.

When you buy auto insurance leads, you will notice that the difference in the costs of aged and exclusive, real time leads is enormous. While you can buy an aged lead for as less as 20 cents, you have to cough up as much as $25 for an exclusive real time lead. You may justify that the conversion rate for real time leads is higher. True. But, when you compare the volume of leads that you can get for a given amount of money, the number of aged leads that you get is far greater and therefore, so is the conversion rate. Therefore, when it comes to numbers, aged leads convert more than the real time leads.

Also remember, a high cost for insurance leads does not guarantee high quality, especially true for real time leads. In case of real time leads, high conversion rates come at a very high cost. Whereas, at the same cost of real time leads, you can convert over ten times the aged leads. Instead of increasing your lead generation costs, opt for cheap auto insurance leads online from reputed aged leads providers such as The Aged Lead Store. You can buy car finance personal health insurance lead or the like from the company.