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Press Release   •   Jan 22, 2016 02:54 EST

Neverwinter Underdark will release on Xbox one on February 9. According to previously revealed information, players will get a new hub zone, new skirmishes, new story-driven content, a new 10-player raid, and much more. Today, players can have first look at the quest written by R. A. Salvatore to know more about the upcoming adventure, and buy cheap neverwinter astral diamonds xbox instant delivery on safewow to be ready!

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Generally, once Underdark launches on Xbox version of neverwinter, xbox players can fight alongside Drizzt Do’Urden to remove the threat from the powerful Demonic prince, and experience the exclusive questline written?by R. A. Salvatore. If you have been ready for the adventure, see a brief introduction about the questline you will go through in this upcoming expansion:

1. Nine quests and various places: There are total nine quests that take you to various locales across the Sword Coast. To access these quests, you should reach level 60 and then talk to Captain Belgold in Protector’s Enclave to begin.

2. Characters and Threats: You will encounter famous characters like Thibbledorf Pwent and Regis to protect the Sword Coast from demonic threats. You will see kinds of skirmishes from a village under assault to the Throne of the Dwarven Gods in Gauntlgrym, including Ashmadai camps emerging in Neverwinter Wood, Orcs rampaging through the countryside, etc.

3. Rewards and achievements: You will get kinds of rewards from saving the world, and get the final artifact reward from a very grateful dwarven king. Apart from that, find easter eggs and complete challenges throughout the featured quests will earn you achievements. If you want to get more, you can also replay these special quests once you have completed all nine.

4. Mantol-Derith and the Underdark Campaign: Once you complete all nine quests, you will unlock the access to Mantol-Derith and the Underdark Campaign(be started at level 70). The former is a hidden cave, where Underdark denizens live and surface world dwellers come to make trade, while the latter is a simplified campaign that contains different tasks, allowing players to decide what they want to play to advance.

Want to know more? To avoid spoiler, the neverwinter team hasn’t given much information. However, you can see all the fun things in the quests soon when Underdark releases on February 9. To have a good start, you can buy cheap and safe neverwinter astral diamond xbox on safewow, or join in our Free Neverwinter AD Giveaway on Jan. 29 to get some for free!

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