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Press Release   •   Feb 16, 2016 22:23 EST

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Quick guide for Blade & Soul’s Valentine's Event

You can earn 2 transmutes in the event to transmute for a limited time, but both 2 transmutes requires different amount of White and Red Roses.
1. Festival of Hearts Gift - Gives Potions, Charms, enchant material, Naryu Coin/Silver, Red Rose, and most importantly the head adornment Spring Love.
Requirement: Red Rose x4 and White Rose x4.
2. (Attack)Brilliant Hongmoon Hexagonal Peridot - Attack Power 3, heals 325 HP over time on evasion.
Requirement: Red Rose x35, White Rose x70, Pentagonal Gem Fragments x10, Hexagonal Gem Fragments x10.

Where to get Red Roses:
1. Characters level 16 and above can do the daily task in Jadestone Village to get 4-5 Red Roses a day.
2. Another option is to purchase 12 from the Hongmoon Store for 149 (99 if you are Premium Member).
Where to get White Roses:
White Roses are primarily earned as rewards from Dailies in the following nine dungeons: Blackram Supply Chain, The Pigsty, Skittering Tunnels, Tomb of Exiles, Brightstone Ruins, Forgotten Tomb, Hall of Ogong, The Darkglimpse, and Blackram Narrows.

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