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Press Release   •   Nov 04, 2011 12:33 EDT

United States, November 04, 2011: Zenieus.com offersone of the most unique golf clubs recently released. Zenieus has introducedtheVintage Seriesgolf clubs, whichwillhowever be available just for a limited time.

The clubsof the vintage serieslookvery close to the original wooden clubs but offer more modern perks. Golfers that remember the playability and consistency of the wooden clubs will be impressed that this driver has the kick of the modern driver with the precision and style of vintage clubs.The 460 cc allows for greater forgiveness for off center contact. Step up to the tee box with your Vintage looking driver and you’ll be sure to turn some heads.If you want to buy golf clubs, you should certainly try this wooden golf club.

They don’t make things like they used to. Well, now they do. It’s a fact that the vintage golf clubs of yesteryears really looked quite outstanding and the golfers used to display them with a lot of pride. It meant a lot to carry along some of the most visually stunning clubs in your bag. A lot has changed over the years between the vintage clubs and the modern clubs. The material used is different, andthefinish is not the same. While modern clubs assure performance, they do not look as beautiful as the clubs of the past. This is a matter of concern for many golfers. Many of them want to walk the greens with a club that looks good and attractive.All the same,they also want to ensure that the game performance is not compromised.

The Vintage Series delivers on both.It brings together the performance of modern-day clubs, and the looks of those fromthe past. High-quality materials have been used to ensure good performance. The designing is a perfect gel of modern-day concepts, and the beauty and style of classic wooden golf clubs. These clubs have been specially designed with the same look and feel of older vintagewooden drivers.

Jatoba ZX-100 has a cherry wood like finish with a higher level of polished style.Iroko ZX-100 has a more natural wood look with an unfinished style.These clubs are excellent golf gifts. It isthe perfect gift for those who love the game and who’ve used wooden golf clubs. In fact, these vintage clubs were among the best golf gifts of 2011.After all, these clubs look so beautiful that they are almost like a collector’s item. Try them, if you are searching for golf gifts.

Buy golf gifts online at Zenieus.com. You will also find golf collectibles and unique sports products on this website. All products are offered with the thirty-day money-back guarantee. In other words, you can ask for a refund or exchange if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Go ahead and buy golf clubs for better playability and performance through Zenieus.com. Vintage Series is ranked as one of the best golf gifts of 2011 vintage golf clubs.

About Zenieus.com:Zenieus.com offers top quality golf products that combines the history of golf with the technology of today. You can buy golf clubs and accessories direct from their website.Vintage Series is only available for a limited time.Please visit www.zenieus.com for more information.

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