Buy PC/Xbox/PS4 astral diamond neverwinter with 3x reward points to acknowledge Expedition Leader Pack

Press Release   •   Apr 14, 2018 05:48 EDT

With the “Expedition Leader Pack” the devs try something new and introduce?a massive “head start pack” for Module 13 with tons of unique items other incentives. so Overview detail of Expedition Leader Pack and get neverwinter astral diamonds ps4 with 3x reward points.That however comes with a hefty price tag. Until release day, February 27th, the pack can be purchased at the early bird discount price of 7,500 ZEN. Base price after that date will be 10,000 ZEN (~100$). That’s a lot, so let’s talk about whether the pack is actually worth the investment.

First of all, let’s go through the included items. What players get is an unique?Spiked Deinonychus Mount, Alpha Compy Companion, and 30 days of VIP. While most of the mount’s value is defined by its look, the companion is very viable for DPS players as it enhances damage by 5% in all of Chult (also corresponding dungeons, trials, and skirmishes) with its active bonus. Three ring slots make it easy to gear, but since it’s missing a debuff, it will have a hard time replacing the current Sellswords and Con Artists. Not to say that it’s worse than the other upcoming premium companion, the Chultan Tiger. Also included are other novelties with a title, fashion set and transmute. Once Module 13 hits, a “Weapon Cache” will be available for owners of the pack as well. It will contain a full week of progression in the new campaign extension, five?Coalescent Wards, 20?Blood Rubys, and one of the new item level 500 weapon sets.

Value in Astral Diamonds

One way to estimate the worth of the pack is its value in Astral Diamonds. Due to market?fluctuations it’s hard to come up with a definite answer, but overall Wards, Rubys, Mount and Companion should be worth roughly 3,500,000 ADs. That’s 7,000 ZEN (given 500 AD / ZEN, it might look differently depending on the platform you’re on). Add another 1,000 for the VIP subscription and you are already over the current discount price of 7,500. That’s certainly a best-case scenario, but indicates that you might be able to get a lot of your investment back even if you don’t include the title, weapon set and campaign currency.

Value in Gameplay

The other thing you can look at beyond AD value is gameplay benefits. As said the Alpha Compy is very viable as passive companion, but lacks in other areas. VIP is always great to have though and instantly having access to the latest tier of Artifact Weapons is obviously great. It depends however. The Pilgrim Weapons are not the strongest in the new mod and if you plan to get a different set, than this one won’t help you too much. Unless you don’t mind wasting refining points that is. Because in that case you can just start with Pilgrim and switch later. But the set obviously is more useful on a toon that plans to keep it.

Value as Head Start and Novelties

Last but not least, the pack has head start value and comes with some nice novelties. I’m not big on titles, transmutes and fashion, but I know others are. With the new Fashion Bag it’s easier than ever to handle “looks” as well. So this definitely adds some nice minor incentives to get the?Expedition Leader Pack. The included campaign currency in the meantime is roughly worth a full week of progression in the new module. That’s definitely a plus as you can start with the Hunts right away or enter the new “Cradle of the Death God” trial a week earlier than the rest.

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