Buying a Car from Private Party with Bad or No Credit History and Secure Low Rates

Press Release   •   Nov 22, 2016 21:28 EST

Purchasing a car from its owner requires financing and this type of financing is known as private party auto loans. Buying a Car From Private Seller are offered to only those individuals who have set their eyes on a friend, colleague or relatives car and the moment it is put up for sale the person jumps up to bid for it. There are several advantages of buying a used car through private party auto loans one of them being the chances of negotiating on the total price of the car with its owner is several times higher than it is with a dealership. Private seller auto financing is especially useful for subprime borrowers as they can save a lot on private party auto loans than they can on guaranteed car finance. Subprime borrowers are short on their credit score and so whenever they purchase a new car with the help of guaranteed car finance the interest rates are going to be higher than regular auto loans offered to people with good credit. Plus no matter what collateral is placed or a cosigner presented in lieu of securing low rate guaranteed car finance the special auto finance company offering the subprime loan will not be too convinced to provide too low a rate on the car.

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Hence, it is often better to think of the pros and cons associated with guaranteed car finance same day approval and private seller auto financing before jumping into any conclusions. The price of a used car is not only lower than that of a new car but the rate at which it depreciates is much slower than that of a new car. A subprime borrower purchasing a new car from a dealer with the help of guaranteed car finance will be in for a surprise when he goes out to sell the same car after a few days. The difference between the total price paid for the new car and the price quoted and got after selling of the car will be really high. The reason behind it is that the moment the borrower drives off in the new car immediately its value starts depreciating really fast and till the time the owner decides to sell it off the value of the car is hardly anything as compared to the time when it was bought. Whereas purchasing a used car with the help of a private party auto loan will save a lot of money in the long run as the difference between the amount paid for the used car to the owner and the amount got back after having sold off the car will not be too high due to the slow pace of depreciation of the loan acquired from special auto finance company for low income earner.

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Private party auto loans are the best decision for subprime borrowers as it helps them pay off the loan within a short period of time and also saves a lot in the interest rate. If the borrower can make a huge down payment then the total loan to be availed will also drop down and so even if the interest rate charged on the private seller auto financing loan is high also, it won’t cross the total amount to be paid back on guaranteed no money down car loan with fair credit on a new car.