Calling time on Gopher infestations in Orange County

Press release   •   May 03, 2012 10:27 EDT

One of the horrors of owning any garden is watching your beautiful manicured lawn being covered in little mound of earth as this pesky rodent tunnels across it eating the roots of your plants and thus destroying your garden.

Because they are creatures that are active all year round they like a warm climate and thus California is ideal for them. The relaxed warm weather with lowish rainfall and very little cold weather means that creatures do not need much shelter or need to adapt to big swings in temperature and conditions from season to season.

Gophers are very fecund with one female able to have 3 litters of 6 to 7 pups a year thus a female moving into the area can rapidly become an infestation. This colony will rapidly take over and are and expand to cover an area of up to half an acre, feeding freely on all the plants and vines. It is actually surprising how rapidly just one gopher can damage an area.

It is always advisable to get rid of them as soon as the first signs appear. As soon as one mound of fresh earth appears on your lawn call in gopher control who are experts at gopher extermination. Gophers are rodents and pests so there should be no hesitation at exterminating them.

Just exactly what needs to be done depends on the extent of the infestation.

Trapping. Trapping is one of the options often used. It is time consuming and setting the traps does take some expertise, something that the gopher exterminator has. In order to set the trap the are around a mound is cleared and the trap set and then the mound is re-built. The trap has to be cleared of the dead gopher and then re-set. Traps themselves are reusable and the gopher control staff will do all of theis on their regular follow up visits.

Baiting is another successful method. Poison pellets are dropped into the various holes with a special applicator. The applicator is specific for that purpose and a few pellets in each hole is all that is required. The gophers will die underground so if you have eliminated the problem they are already buried. However there is no concrete evidence of whether you are winning or not and the only way you will know is that no new mounds will appear.

Gopher control will make the follow up visits to ensure that they have been successful and your infestation is taken care of.

Fumigation is another method used by the gopher exterminator on occasion. Filling the tunnels with a poisonous gas from a fumigation machine with a pipe feeding it into the tunnels and then wherever ther is evidence of a gas leak in the other mound those get closed. It too may be a bit hit and miss as the gopher can detects the gas and close the tunnel behind him.

The important thing though is to eliminate them as soon as seen so the job can be done quickly and not require too many return visits.

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At the first signs of a mound on your lawn call gopher control who are experts in gopher exterminator.