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Captain Foods with the Finest Cayenne Hot Sauce and a lot more

Press Release   •   May 16, 2016 07:50 EDT

Just having meat and a grill/smoker to cook it is not enough- experts from all over the world agree that it is the seasoning that makes the most difference. This is where the importance of getting the best American BBQ seasoning comes in, and CaptainFoods has been trying to deliver the best ofit for many years.

For those who are looking for a range of seasoning and other ingredients to make the best grilled meats, Captain Foods is one resource worth checking out. Captain Foods has its range of hot sauces that, as per its claims, are one of the most authentic and trusted BBQ sauces in America. The range of hot sauces they offer includes the Datil Pepper Sauce, Jolokia Pepper Sauce, Chipotle Pepper Sauce, Killer Jaws Hot Sauce, Peach Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce and so on.

Any product purchased through the Captain Foods website can be exchanged or refunded within 7 days of delivery, as per its Return/Refund policy. The conditions applicable here include the product must not have any sign of damage, come with the original receipt of sale and must not be a product that was made for a special/custom order.

What sets Captain Foods apart is that it not only claims to offer the best BBQ shopping experience, but also seems to live up to that. Its online website suggests a customer everything that is required for making the right decision in terms of choosing a BBQ Sauce. Right from its ingredients to heat level and usage, everything is listed on the website to ensure that the customer knows what he or she is going for.

Apart from selling some of the best blends and sauces, Captain Foods also offers a range of services, including private label, co-packaging and wholesale. Under the private label program, one can create a great product as per the requirements or needs of the target customer base or industry. Along with these services, Captain Foods will also assist in boosting sales and growing abusiness.

Under the co-packaging service, clients can get consistency along with assurance of product quality and thus save both money and time. Captain Foods signs a non-disclosure that protects the clients’ recipes and helps in selecting the packaging and thus maintaining the brand identity.It also takes care of the shipping process. For any retailer or business that has wholesale requirements, Captain Foods can be directly reached through filling in an inquiry form on their website.

American dining has been the center of innovation for quite some time now, and a service like Captain Foods sure seems like the one that is taking it to the next level. No matter how great a company’s advertising policyis,the consumer is always the final judgein the end. It will be exciting to see as to how every American gourmet lover continues to be with Captain Foods products despite of all the competition coming up in the market.

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