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Champix: A Medicine to Quit Smoking Habit

Press release   •   Apr 12, 2012 00:25 EDT

Once it is clear that smoking which, in view of some people, provides energy or fills one’s mind with pleasure, is injurious to health, people have begun to find out measures so that habit of smoking can be changed into a thing of the past once for all. While self-determination is the best prescription for getting rid of this habit of smoking, it is a wonder how people have been frantically searching for medicines so that demand for smoking do no more generate in human mind. This is the story behind emergence of one of the quit smoking pills which is popularly known as Champix.

Actually, varenicline tartrate is used as one of the anti-smoking drugs with Champix as its brand name. It is a fact that Champix has earned noticeable popularity in the market within short time. Champix is available in different sales counters of the departmental stores as quit smoking pills. People who want to consume these pills should necessarily secure advices from their personal physicians or from other physicians who have been working in the field of removing injury of the health caused by smoking.

Addiction to nicotine is observed in a limited area of the brain and this is the part where Champix does work. Consumers of Champix do not feel pleasure when they smoke. Champix does not hold nicotine as an ingredient. Smokers are advised to take this anti-smoking therapy after they are directed by the physicians. It is not sure if the physicians guide the users to go for Champix or for any such anti-smoking pills.

This particular anti-smoking treatment consists of a program of twelve weeks. By the end of first week, it is claimed that users would begin to quit smoking. It is assured that they would bid goodbye to smoking to the close of the second week. In the first two weeks they are asked to increase the intake as per directions. It has been declared that the smokers would no more incline to smoke if they take Champix for twelve weeks. Sometimes, it may be necessary to continue, but physicians are the authority to provide instructions in this regard.

People should be careful about the side effects that result after consuming Champix. One may experience disorder in behavior during this anti-smoking treatment. Agitation, hostility, depression and even inclination for doing harm to others are some of the feelings that may occupy one’s mind. Suicidal tendency has also been reported. Cardiac patients are not allowed to drive four wheelers or motorbikes if they have intake of Champix. People taking Champix must always be in touch with their physicians.

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