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Cheat Sheets Are Now Hi-tech: Helps Students to Take Their Online Class

Press Release   •   Aug 13, 2015 10:10 EDT

San Francisco, CA ( ) August 13, 2015 - While everyone’s enthusiastic about joining online courses, very few manage to complete them successfully. Time and commitment are the biggest detractors, claim experts. Thanks to agencies like, these students have help.

From completing the entire course to meeting assignment deadlines, offers a wide range of services. “If you’ve got a project deadline staring at you or lack confidence to participate on a discussion, hire us. We’re also ready to help if you’re looking to pay someone to take my online class. We’ll take up the work for you- even if it’s due on the day you signed us up for,” says a spokesperson for the online class help agency.

The signing up process is easy- students have to enter their course details and the kind of help they’re looking for. Paying an invoice for the job at hand, completes the signing up process. And from there on, it’s the tutor’s job to take up assignments on the student’s behalf.

“In effect, the student’s deadlines are now the online tutor’s deadline,” he adds. Not just quizzes and tests, the tutors offer to take online classes as well. And to prevent suspicion, the agency hires only US based consultants. “Logging in from a different IP address is sure to raise the red flag. But we employ only US based consultants and use domestic login,” adds the spokesperson.

Depending on the course curriculum and the work involved, the agency offers package deals; i.e. students can either choose the entire course or opt for an a la carte assignment.Unlike others, their offer is backed by a money back guarantee. “If the subject matter expert working on your assignment fails to score an A or B, we’ll refund the entire fee. And that’s applicable even when we undertake to complete the entire course on your behalf,” adds the spokesperson.

About Online Class Help: is a US based agency helping students complete their online course and those wondering if someone could ‘do my homework for me. They take online classes, complete assignments, solve puzzles and challenges, take tests, and even complete the entire course on behalf of students.

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Online Class Help is a US based website offers the perfect solution if you’d like to ‘pay someone to take my online class’. We help students with their online classes and take online exams, quizzes, assignments and study guides for you while you concentrate on other issues. Our packages are budget-friendly and fit every pocket. With subject matter experts you don’t have to worry about hiring someone to ‘do my homework’- in fact, 99% of our customers have received an A or B for all assignments.