Check Illidan’s Classical Quotes in WOW Battle against Creg Heroes

Press Release   •   Jan 20, 2016 02:39 EST

Which boss do you favorite in World of Warcraft? Which boss is the most unforgettable during wow history? Recently, as players are talking about the TBC 9th anniversary, it is inevitable to mention Illidan again. Yes, safewow has collected some classical quotes of this tragic hero in the battle against Creg Heroes. Check if there is a sentence echoing through your dreams.

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1. Battle begins
Illidan: "Akama... your duplicity is hardly surprising. I should have slaughtered you and your malformed brethren long ago."
Akama: "We've come to end your reign, Illidan. My people and all of Outland shall be free!"
Illidan: "Boldly said. But I remain unconvinced."
Akama: "The time has come! The moment is at hand!"
Ilidan:"You are not prepared!"

2. Battle enrages
“Come, my minions. Deal with this traitor as he deserves!“
3. Attacks Maiev
“Feel the hatred of ten thousand years!”

4. Kill Creg Heroes
“Who shall be next to taste my blades?!”
“This is too easy!”
5. Second phase of attack
“Behold the flames of Azzinoth!”
“Stare into the eyes of the Betrayer!”

6. Transforms via metamorphosis
“Behold the power... of the demon within!”
7. Transform into Demon form again
You've wasted too much time mortals, now you shall fall!
8. Dash attack
Illidan: Is this it, mortals? Is this all the fury you can muster?
Maiev: Their fury pales before mine, Illidan. We have some unsettled business between us.
Illidan: Maiev... How is it even possible?
Maiev: Ah, my long hunt is finally over. Today, Justice will be done!
9. Finality
Maiev: ah, It is finished. You are beaten.
Illidan: You have won... Maiev. But the huntress... is nothing without the hunt. You... are nothing... without me.
Maiev: He's right. I feel nothing. I am nothing. Farewell, champions.
Akama: The Light will fill these dismal halls once again. I swear it.

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