Check Warlock Class Skills and Buy Blade & Soul Gold Cheap on Safewow

Press Release   •   Feb 25, 2016 03:48 EST

Last week, safewow posted that Blade & Soul’s second dedicated ranged class - Warlock will be available with Unchained’s release on March 2. Recently, to get players excited, NCsoft team have began the Warlock class week to reveal mechanics and skills of this new caster class. Check details and buy bns gold cheap to be ready!

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1. Summon a Thrall: The Warlock class can use mid-range abilities to snare enemies, executing fast and furious combos, and then summon a Thrall to help them kill the enemies. This is the most helpful ability of this new class. Although lasts for only a short period of time,the Thrall can help much when the Warlock prepare for the next action - deal most of the physical damage for a Warlock, and serve as a distraction to the bosses and mobs to minimize damage to the Warlock or teammates.

2. Provides support buff: This class can provide a buff to support other members in a party play. By triggering Soulburn, the Warlock’s time-winding abilities can extend out to their party members to reset every member’s cooldown of skills, and awake each class’s specific abilities.

3. Defensive skills: The Warlock has massive defensive skills to support their offensive skills in Arena PvP. However, you should use the Thrall tactically as their cooldown cannot be reset. Prioritizing instant-cast abilities, fast casting speed, and skills that pierce defenses over high-damaging abilities can ensure the Warlock remains competitive with other classes.

4. Dagger as main weapon: The main weapon for Warlock is Dagger, they are more often seen using the spell tags that float around them during combat.

5. Long cooldowns: Generally, this class has powerful abilities. However, due to the great casting times and long cooldowns that many of them have, it is required to eliminate opponents quickly and efficiently, otherwise it will risk being overwhelmed and defeated easily. The two strategies below would help to handle this class well: 1. Keep enemies at bay to cast the high damage abilities again. 2. Reduce cooldown times through expert timing of other abilities.

It is less than one week when the Warlock class is playable with Unchained’s release on March 2. After learning about the main features and mechanics of this class, it is time to buy blade & soul gold cheap on safewow for preparation!

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