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Children TV Heroine Ella Bella is about to save your summer visit to the beach

Press Release   •   Jul 06, 2012 12:19 EDT

TØNSBERG, Norway, July 2nd, 2012 – Rock Pocket Games and Kool Produktion AS announce the release of “Ella Bella Beach Adventure” a charming and engaging interactive storytelling book for the smallest. The application is available for both iPhone and iPad and joins the ranks of the critically acclaimed Ella Bella Bingo games series while offering a fun and customizable experience for both parents and kids.

This interactive story-telling book doesn’t only feature an exclusive new story based on the Ella Bella Bingo universe, it also sports an updated art style. Each page offers fully narrated storytelling in English, Danish or Norwegian with additional subtitles and hidden animated interactions to uncover. A convenient hint system helps the smallest user with spoken tips on how to interact with the current page.

“Ella Bella Beach Adventure is a light-hearted and fun summer story for small and big kindergarten kids. The interactive book will keep your children entertained during a car ride, at the cabin or at the beach”, says Frank Mosvold from Kool Produktion AS.

Sales of interactive books, especially for the smallest, have been going up steadily and children as young as 2-year olds are passionate users of smartphones and tablets. Kindergartens are also opening up to the educational use and integration of tablets into their teaching schedules.

Each page of the interactive storytelling book has different hidden objectives to explore. You have the option to either listen to the original story being narrated by a professional voice-actor or to record a completely new one: record your own narrating with the in-built feature and play it back individually on each of the 28 available pages. Why not, as a change, have your kid record a story for you instead!

As an additional treat, “Ella Bella Beach Adventure” also includes three new, exclusive beach and summer inspired puzzles.

Ella Bella Beach adventure was created in co-production with Kool Produktion AS, the masterminds behind the children's show “Elleville Elfrid” first seen on the Norwegian public broadcaster channel NRK Super. Kool Produktion AS also has plans for an Android version at a later point in time.

The book is now available on the itunes store for both iPad and iPhone: “

About Ella Bella
Ella is the series main heroine, a five year old fun-loving firecracker. We are part of sharing her experience as she grows old enough to explore the world on her own which can be both a bit scary and exciting. Ella is in many ways a modern version of “Pippi Longstocking”. A positive and creative little girl who has her own way of dealing with situations she runs into.

Ella is inspired by Producer Frank Mosvold’s cousin and the stories are loosely based on the daughter of Director Tom Petter Hansen.

About KOOL Produktion AS
KOOL Produktion AS, with producer Frank Mosvold at the lead, is the creator of the preschool “Ella Bella Bingo” universe.   The Ella Bella Bingo animated TV-series has been sold to NRK, YLE, DR and hop!

About Rock Pocket Games

Rock Pocket Games is an independent game development studio, which started creating games in 2008 and is situated in Tønsberg, Norway. Not only has the company developed very successful iPhone games such as the App of the Week game “The Package”, their portfolio also includes a wide range of different game genres such as Children Games, Platform Games, Casual Family Games, FPS games, as well as Interactive Songbooks. Rock Pocket Games develops for Console, PC/Mac, iOS, Android and browser.