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Press Release   •   Nov 13, 2010 05:57 EST

Liechtenstein Stiftung, 11.13 .2010 _ GreatLottoInfo offer to play lotto with a Prize Guarantee of over 20 million Euros. GreatLottoInfo is one of the worlds best lotto’s and has players from all over the world. The winner is determined randomly, that’s how lotto works. Now playing online lotteries has become a norm, and it is indeed attracting a wide range of players from across the globe. Hence, even in the time of the global economic downturn, people are getting hooked to online lotteries.

It’s so easy to play with GreatLottoInfo and within a few seconds you can get randomly chosen lines ready to play for the next 50 weeks. You can even play the lotto system without all of the work of having to fill in a heap of forms by hand, their computer does all the work for you. The prize drawings can be seen on-line in real time on the These are then saved so you can see the drawing on your computer whenever you want. Your winning messages come as an email. All prize money is automatically put into your account.

GreatLottoInfo gives a lotto dream-prize is a lotto prize that is so big that it makes the winner financially independent for the rest of his/her life – and hopefully even for the next generation. This amount varies with how much you want to enjoy yourself each month. One lotto line costs EURO 3. The first prize, at 6 balls and one extra number, is a minimum of 20 million Euros. The second prize is 2 million. The second prize alone, if you invest it sensibly, is enough for leading a wild life. If you are a winner, they will notify you immediately and your winnings will be sent to you. If you happen to win a big amount, they will assist you in collecting your money as well.

Red Cross International organization that seeks to alleviate human suffering, particularly through disaster relief and aid to war victims. It is staffed largely by volunteers. The name comes from its symbol: a red cross on a white background. You can donate money to the Red Cross anytime you want, directly from your account at GreatLottoInfo. Otherwise you can play a few extra lines if u wants to donate some money.

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