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Press Release   •   Feb 08, 2011 12:54 EST

February 08, 2011 - One of the greatest achievements a Christian ministry leader can feel is just how influential their published books can be to their followers and future leaders. Publishing and selling books is one of the quickest strategies to reaching out to the masses since you can dispatch them around the globe while you are at home. This means cutting expenses such as travel costs for going around for seminars and speaking engagements. Selling published books is also one of the less costly ways of reaching the masses as compared to other approaches such as; TV, radio, and speaking. It is also the single most powerful approach to safeguard your valuable message, influence several generations as well as encapsulate your insights. This is because it will remain as an archive just like some of your favorite ancient bible writings which affect several lives today even though they were written centuries ago. Also, book publishing happens be to the most appropriately used medium to empower, educate and change people’s lives in history.

As a preacher, teacher or leader, if you don’t use any kind of books to pass your knowledge to the masses or your followers, then you are missing an opportunity to get your message out to the masses. Most followers would learn best through reading the information from books rather than just hearing it. It happens to be a scientific fact that different people learn in different ways but most people learn best through reading books than any other form.

This has been proven through various institutions of learning as well as through clinical testing. In spite of this inspiring information, there are several people who have been unable to write or publish their books successfully while others have not been able to market theirs well. Many people are inspired to write and publish a book but many never do it! Why? Some reasons include not knowing how to start the writing process when staring at a blank piece of white paper, not getting sufficient time to write a book because of tight schedule or hurried life, lack of knowledge about book publishing options and companies and most commonly, not knowing how to market and promote a book once it’s been published.

The fact is that there is a difference between the books which don’t sell and those that emerge as best sellers. The major difference is the author’s marketing strategy as well as the execution process of their plans. This is why our new training programme is what you need in order to become a successful writer and publisher. It will offer you all the necessary tools most writers don’t have. It will also help you to know how to write books well, write them fast regardless of your busy schedule, publish them in a way that lets you keep creative control of the process, provides you with the potential for marketing and distributing the books internationally and making the highest profit margins you can as a published author.

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