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Clear Industries announces a new acrylic podium! - $799 with FREE Shipping

Press Release   •   Feb 02, 2011 15:43 EST

MINNEAPOLIS (February 2, 2011) --

Clear Industries announces the launch of a new acrylic podium called the “Chrome”

“Much like the reflection you may see from an object covered in Chrome, this acrylic podium emits a look and feel of something solid and attractive with visual texture to keep interest…” Explained Bob Scherbing, the owner of Clear Industries.

With so many complex looking levels of acrylic material, it’s clear to see what he’s talking about. This podium has a majestic, strong, yet modern feel that can truly dress up a room. Yet, because it’s acrylic, can adapt to any décor.

The Chrome Podium top and base are made with 3/4" Thick Clear Acrylic and Core made with 1/2" thick Acrylic material. This podium can be found on our website today for only $799.  This includes FREE shipping and add-on shelf! VIEW THIS PODIUM NOW


Clear Industries has a complete catalog on the web of ready-designed products and has many customizable features for them including large logos and graphics.  Please visit them now to purchase, design, and learn more about their custom acrylic creations: WWW.CLEARINDUSTRIES.COM


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