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Clinical Supply Chain Management - Technologies Such As IVRS, CTMS, EDC And RFID Enhance Drug Supply Management

Press Release   •   Nov 22, 2016 05:24 EST

GBI Research, leading business intelligence provider has released its latest research report, entitled Clinical Supply Chain Management Technologies such as IVRS, CTMS, EDC and RFID Enhance Drug Supply Management. The report focuses on the current scenario of clinical supply chain management. Key segments of the clinical supply chain which are covered in the report include labeling, packaging, warehousing, logistics, distribution and destruction of investigational products.

There has been an increase in the number of developmental drugs, and an expansion in clinical trial sites and the complexity of clinical trials. There has also been an increase in the total number of procedures undertaken per clinical trial.

Clinical Supply Chain Management (CSCM) is vital in conducting clinical trials. Geographic expansion, the complexity of drugs used in clinical trials and the increased attention of pharmaceutical companies on efficient R&D are the three main reasons for having proper CSCM in place. Accurate and timely delivery of clinical trial material to the clinical trial site is critical for the success of a clinical trial. The chance of meeting the research milestones increases by considering clinical supply processes from the planning stage of the clinical trials.

Although there are many advantages of tracking clinical trial products, it is very difficult to have an efficient process in place to track inventory. Use of new technologies is done to make tracking more efficient and effective. Pharmaceutical companies are looking for better avenues, such as Contract Research Organizations (CROs) who have dedicated departments that leverage information technology to rejuvenate their business model, particularly R&D, and make it more agile, lean and global. Information technology provides significant potential to make this happen through various services, which include globally integrated data management, paperless clinical trials and many others.


Segmentation of the clinical supply industry by its major components such as logistics and inventory management.

Key challenges and unmet needs of the clinical supply chain management industry.

Analysis of technologies such as IVRS/IWRS, RFID and others which are used for efficient clinical supply chain operations.

Regulatory landscape of countries such as China, India, Russia and South Africa.

Key parameters which are considered for choosing the clinical supply vendor.

Profiles of key companies which deal in clinical supply chain management.

Analysis of factors which are considered for outsourcing the clinical supply chain to other companies.

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Analyze the requirements for regulatory compliance for clinical supply chain management.

Gain knowledge of key challenges and unmet needs for the clinical supply chain management industry.

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Develop risk mitigation strategies to enhance risk management.