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Cloud Computing Market to Benefit from Technological Advancements in SaaS and PaaS

Press release   •   Jul 07, 2016 07:02 EDT

MarketResearchReports.Biz presents this most up-to-date research on " Cloud Computing Market: Technology Models, Challenges, and Business Benefits "

The successful implementation of cloud computing in the healthcare industry has motivated many other industries to adopt this booming technology. In recent years, many healthcare organizations have adopted end-to-end cloud computing strategies, which resulted in better performance, improved security, and transformation of their IT culture. Organizations operating in other industries including communications, IT, and finance are aiming to adopt cloud computing services owing to attributes such as the capacity to minimize overhead costs and ability to automate infrastructure deployment. These are the findings of a newly added report on the global cloud computing market, by

The report titled ‘Cloud Computing Market: Technology Models, Challenges, And Business Benefits,’ defines and briefly explains the industry by focusing on its prominent technologies and platforms such as SaaS and PaaS respectively. As per the publication, the global cloud computing market is set for a significant growth due to advancements in hybrid cloud computing and its growing adoption. Advantages of affordable cost of services, scalability, high computing power, and easy accessibility make cloud computing a valuable service.

For a detailed study of the global cloud computing market, the analysts have segmented the market on the basis of region and technology. Based on technology, the global cloud computing market is classified into SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. At present, SaaS and PaaS technology segments are leading the global market and are expected to maintain their dominance until 2016. As per the findings of the report, SaaS represents the maximum growth opportunities due to its web delivery model. SaaS offerings comprise email and collaboration, healthcare-related applications, and customer relationship management activities. Many organizations have started implementing PaaS to simplify the stages of product development and testing.

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However, going forward, the adoption of IaaS is expected to increase due to the increasing demand for disaster recovery solutions and hybrid cloud architecture from various companies. Organizations are focusing more on adopting secure cloud computing solutions that offer flexibility to process information in third-party data centers. The adoption of hybrid cloud computing solutions will be higher from IT and communications industries, predict the report’s authors.

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By region, countries operating in Europe are expected to increase their budget for adopting cloud computing services. However, Asia Pacific is projected to be the most opportunistic market for cloud computing by 2016. Nations in Southeast Asia including the Philippines and Singapore are showing a positive intent towards adopting cloud computing. Factors such as supportive regulatory environment and enhanced quality of broadband can be held responsible for the growing implementation of cloud computing in Asia Pacific.

The research also highlights the most commonly used services of cloud computing by organizations operating in the IT and communications industries. As per the findings, database management and software application hosting are the two dominant services predicted to gain more demand by 2016. Finally, the report profiles leading players on the basis of their business strategies, research strategies, and partnership agreements.