Cold Creek Farm carries out major renovations in the barn.

Press Release   •   Jan 14, 2016 08:05 EST

January 14, 2016: Cold Creek Farm has carried out major renovations in their barn area. As part of the renovation effort has removed the old floor tiles and replaced them with new tiles. These new tiles measure one by one square foot and are of vitreous finish.

Announcing this development to the Press Jeff Buffington, owner and founder of said "The real reason for doing this replacement was because the tiles had become old and many of them had in fact worn out too. We decided to replace them before it got too late. Although we had many choices of doing the floor such as woods, marble or concrete we decided to go with vitreous tiles. Vitreous tiles were not only cost effective but also quick to apply - the entire work was done within 2 days. Now our barn looks very elegant. The floor is very inviting and well suited for couples that want to dance a jig. It is shinning and looks very elegant. We have chosen silver coloured tiles as they match well with the walls in the barn and go well with the porcelain crockery in our dining room.

As per an employee at Cold Creek Farm "With the new tile work done in our barn, our barn looks simply terrific and beats any barn in close vicinity in the Georgia region. There is no other venue for barn wedding or for any private party that comes even remotely close to our barn. The dance floor looks very good and the colours on the wall have brought about a sea change on the appearance of the barn. We have also identified certain antique pieces that would be put on the walls of the barn. We will shortly be making improvements in the washroom as well. Although we have identified the work that needs to be done, we have not commissioned that as yet. Work will be commissioned in the next two weeks, well before the spring & summer season when the party season is at its peak. “

Cold Creek Farm is bullish on the spring & summer season and expects a sizeable number of books to be made for marriages, parties, conferences, outings, camps or training sessions both from private and corporate sector respectively.


Cold Creek Farm is located in Dawsonville, Georgia, USA. The farm is owned and managed by Jeff Buffington and Susan Carr. Cold Creek Farm serves as the perfect venue for barn weddings, private events and corporate events for multiple reasons that make it very popular with local residents. It has an ideal location – North East Georgia Mountains, not far from the start of the Appalachian Trail. The farm itself is built over 16 acres of land with a country stream and a barn. There are cottage style gardens at the entrance of the farm, a very large barn that has a concrete floor in the interior where up to 300 guests can be accommodated for a sit down dinner. There is also playground area. Cold Creek Farm has tie-ups with caterers, professional photographers, DJs, entertainers, event managers and other organisations related to event management services.